Best Anti Theft Backpacks For Travel

A travel Backpack is probably one of the most essential pieces of luggage for a savvy traveler. Even better is an anti-theft travel backpack. No one expects to get robbed or have their items stolen, but why not practice caution anyway? Even the safest countries like Thailand, can present you with a random bad seed, meaning, there can just be that one person who is up to the terrible task. Therefore, it's never a bad idea to be a smart traveler and keep your valuable items as secure as you can with the proper bag, though, staying vigilant and aware of your surroundings is also a good idea. 

We live in a world where you just can leave your wallet, phone, and documents lying around hoping no one will touch them. If you’re often on the road, you need an anti-theft backpack.

When traveling to a new city or country, you should always be aware of what is happening around you. As a traveler, you should know that your safety and the safety of your essentials are your top concern. 

anti theft travel backpack

Try and keep your possessions in a safe place because theft happens quickly and when you least expect it. Unknown surroundings, travel fatigue, and crowded places and situations can put your valuable items and belongings at risk.

What to do about it?

Well, backpacks are great for traveling. They are a comfortable and convenient way of carrying your stuff while keeping your hands free. However, because of their design, backpacks can be easy targets for pickpockets, especially in a crowd.

So, investing in an anti-theft backpack seems like a good idea. As its’ name implies, Anti-theft backpack for traveling should prevent thieves and pickpockets trying to steal from you. Incidentally, these make great gifts for those who travel often and have a passion for it!

anti theft backpacks

Anti Theft Backpacks Reviewed

Here’s a List of the best anti-theft backpacks for traveling:

Korin Design ClickPack Pro 

This is a stylish model that comes with all the security features anti-theft backpack should have. It comes with a TSA approved locking mechanism which eliminates the need for extra luggage locks. 

The metal wire lock allows you to securely attach your luggage to any steady object, in case you have to leave it unattended.  

The fabric of this model is double layered and feels very thick. It's slash-resistant, so it blocks slashing or puncturing attempts by thieves. It’s water-resistant though prolonged exposure to a heavy downpour is not recommended. However, the backpack comes with a rain cover.

The internal storage is well thought out. There are five main storage compartments, allowing for practical pocket-separation of your belongings. On the comfort side, the padded straps are adjustable, and the back section is designed to be breathable. It also distributes weight evenly, putting much less strain on your back, thus avoiding back pain.

Things you'll like about this model:

•    Lock mechanism works really well

•    Meets cabin bag requirements for airlines

•    Easy to clean

•    Rain cover included

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Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Backpack

Travelon is a well-known brand among travelers, so be confident in your purchase if you opt for this model. It’s stylish, non-bulky, and comes in different colors. Most importantly, it comes loaded with all the advanced safety features.

This model has a main compartment with a sleeve for tablets. Unfortunately, laptops don’t fit. Other than that, it’s pretty spacious so that you can fit a jacket inside or a change of clothing. 

The organizer compartment in the front has pockets for cards, smartphones, pens, etc. It allows for quick retrieval of these items. A top lid over the main compartment has a zipped pocket for passports and other documents. Worth noting is the fact that passport and cards slot are RFID protected, making electronic theft impossible.

Its body is lined with steel mesh, making it harder to cut or stab through the material.  Plus, this Travelon backpack has the important comfort features such as comfortable, padded straps you can adjust to your size. The backside is mesh-lined, allowing for excellent breathability. 

•    Water-resistant

•    Lightweight

•    Roomy

•    RFID slots for cards and passports

•    Locking zippers

•    Locking compartments and straps

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The Original Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack

Bobby has become quite a popular and reputable brand with one of the first anti-theft bags on the market.

It’s made out of several protective layers and a cut-proof PP board, making the fabric slash-resistant. The entire bag is water-repellent, which is perfect if you carry your tech with you. 

Things like hidden zippers make it so that, while wearing it, they cannot be entered. Plus, three other pockets on the sides and back are accessible only to you during use.

The padded main compartment features anti-shock foam making it suitable for a laptop up to 15.6” in size. The bag has an individual slot for 10” tablets, as well as many other hidden pockets, keeping your stuff organized and safe. 

The ergonomics of this backpack are excellent, as it is designed to relieve pressure on the spine. There are several other great features, like a USB port integrated on the side, and reflective prints for safe nighttime use. Digital nomads would love this backpack for these features in particular!

Unfortunately, some features are missing, like RFID pocket, cut-proof straps, and locking zippers.

•    Cut-proof design

•    Hidden zippers

•    Shockproof storage

•    The ergonomic weight balance system

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Pacsafe Venturesafe GII 25l Anti-theft Backpack

This Pacsafe anti-theft backpack features an attractive, sporty design. It’s a pretty big bag, as it can hold 25l of belonging. 

It’s made out of cut-proof material and reinforced with a lightweight steel mesh to prevent pickpocketing. Pacsafe added an RFID blocking pocket for your cards and IDs. There’s also a security hook that attaches to the strap. 

The storage space is pretty well organized, with a padded and suspended notebook sleeve that fits up to 15" of hardware. There are also two exterior securable zipper pockets, two side pockets, one zipper interior pocket, and RFID mentioned above protection pocket.

It lacks no comfort since the straps are padded, and there’s an adjustable & removable hip belt for additional stability and security. This model is fantastic for travel, and it’s made for men and women. It’s also one of the best RFID backpacks.

•    Water-resistant

•    Molded foam back support

•    RFIDsafe blocking pocket

•    Wire-reinforced slash-guard preventing slash & run theft

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Oscaurt Anti-theft Travel Backpack

This bag is a decent choice for protection against thieves with a stylish and futuristic design. Besides being safe and spacious, it’s pretty lightweight and affordable.

With the main compartment zipper hidden underneath the flap, thieves will have a hard time opening your backpack. The main compartment is very roomy with an elastic section reserved for a 15.6“ laptop. 

By the way, we have reviewed a bunch more backpacks with wheels if you want to take a look at those options as well.

Several smaller compartments found in the interior will keep your smaller items safe and organized. There is also a secret pocket on the rear of the bag that’s perfect for storing some essential items. 

Within the bag are a built-in USB charger and a cable for charging devices while on the go. The straps are padded and adjustable, and the backside is made out of EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) material that allows for high breathability. 

It comes highly recommended as a safe alternative to a regular backpack.

•    Reasonable selection of pockets

•    Aesthetically pleasing

•    Comfortable

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MATEIN Travel Laptop Backpack

This is a bigger version of the MATEIN 15.6 Inch Travel Laptop Backpack. With exceptional durability, small weight, and a choice of seven colors, this bag makes an excellent choice for any age. Plus, with three big compartments, you won’t have to worry about storage.

The main compartment is large and perfect for your laptop since it’s padded on the bottom and the corners. The laptop compartment is meant to unfold quickly for airport security check, scanning your computer while in the bag. This makes it TSA approved.

The middle compartment meets all carrying demands. The front compartment has multiple divider pockets for pens, phone, notebook, etc. You can use it to stash your travel accessories or school supplies. And with a built-in USB port, charging your phone on the go becomes much more convenient. 

The padded shoulder straps are adjustable, relieving shoulder stress. The back is designed with thick but soft padding giving you maximum back support.

•    Looks and feels good

•    Has lots of space

•    Budget-friendly

•    Unfortunately, lack some of the anti-theft features

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What To Look For In An Anti Theft Travel Backpack?

Anti-theft travel packs are an expanding market, filled with new technologies and innovation. And with so many options available, choosing the right backpack can be hard. Here’s what to look for:

anti-theft travel backpack

•    Security – Most of the anti-theft backpacks have hidden zippers where you can hide your most valuable stuff, like your wallet and personal documents. Regular pockets and zippers can be opened pretty quickly, and with ease, so by stashing your belongings in a hidden zipper pocket, you can effectively hide them from any pickpocket. Some models have locking zippers, providing quick access. They are almost impossible to open without the combination, so most thieves don't even try.

Some are even water-resistant. Water-resistance is a plus that speaks for itself when it comes to the protection of your belongings from natural elements.

•    Durability – Anti-theft backpacks are made out of highly durable slash-proof fabric. This fabric prevents thieves from slashing the bag open and stealing from you. It became a mandatory feature in all the high-quality anti-theft travel bags. Since it’s highly durable, you’ll be able to rely on your backpack for years to come.

best anti theft backpacks

•    Space – Before buying an anti-theft travel backpack, check if it has enough space for your essentials. High-quality backpacks should have a special shockproof pocket for your laptop, or tablet.

•    Comfort – The backpack itself should be lightweight, with additional padding for the shoulders and back. The mesh lining at the backside allows your back to breathe and stay dry during long trips.

•    Special features – Many of these backpacks sport additional features, like a USB port connecting your phone to a power bank inside the backpack. Other features include reflective strips and RFID protection. 

Note to self:

People often have an individual item stolen from the inside of the bag. Having an anti-theft bag will make it harder for thieves to steal from you. However, Anti-theft luggage does not guarantee complete safety. As a traveler, you are responsible for your safety, and that of your belongings. Leaving your luggage unattended may result in theft.

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