list of best gifts for couples who love travel

Travel Gift Ideas For Couples – 15 Useful Things For World Travelers

As a world traveling couple who have also lived abroad for the last 3 years, we’ve got a list of our favorite travel essentials that we know would be great gifts.

Usually, those who travel try not to have too much stuff and tend to be more minimalistic.

This means the things they do have with them should be light, small, useful, and absolutely necessary.

That’s exactly what we include in our list of perfect gifts for the couple traveler.

Our recommendations are not only great products that we think are perfect for the “wanderlusters” in your life, but they have always proven very useful for us during our travels.

You’ll find some of our travel gift ideas for traveler couples below and then some gifts just for her and him.

We have used these great items throughout our travels and would imagine they will come in handy for any traveler.

The list is categorized into sections to help you pick gifts for traveling men, female travelers, and items that are perfect for couples going places together.

These are items we have experience using and found to be extremely useful either during our journey or at our destinations around the world.

They make great gifts for birthdays, holidays, and are perfect as wedding presents for newlywed adventurers!

Gifts For Traveling Couples

1. The Gift Of Experience

We believe in collecting moments rather than things so it’s no surprise that we would recommend giving this unique gift to a traveling couple.

Tinggly is a great gift for the newlyweds or the pair of adventure seekers that love travel.

They get a beautifully boxed gift certificate with so many experiences around the world that they can choose from!

The experiences are easy to book and valid for up to two years. Let them choose an unforgettable experience of a lifetime.

2. SKROSS Universal Adapter With USB Charger

This is something that a lot of people usually forget and realize they need when they get to there destination.

It’s great as git because it’s one less thing they have to purchase when they get there.

Often times, travelers realize they need this at the worst possible moment so help them avoid that by getting them a few of these!

It never hurts to have multiples of these because nowadays we have so many devices and we can’t always wait to charge them one at a time!

Having an adapter that is also capable of having USB plugs is one of the most useful things you can have on the road.

Get free shipping with code “TGTW”

This is perfect for travelers and couples on the go. Having a way to sanitize your hands without taking up space in your bag or pockets makes traveling so much easier!

sanitizer dispenser wristband

3. Anker PowerCore 10000

I didn’t know how bad I needed one of these power banks until I had one.

On our travels, we tend to be out and about for hours and too often relied on being able to plug in at a restaurant or cafe.

Well, we learned the hard way that this isn’t always possible.

Not only will this backup battery come in handy in emergencies, but it’ll also help travelers not miss a photo or video opportunity, which can be devastating sometimes.

These are extremely light and can fit into bags easily so having them on the go is great, especially on an adventure where you may be out and about all day long.

Bonus Gift Idea: Matching shoes for the couple who loves to travel. These shoes from UinFootwear are so lightweight, they are not only great for walking around but also packing them will not add a lot of weight to luggage!

Walking around on tours and adventures are super fun when you have these unique, artistically designed shoes on for the trip!

Use code TAISS1007DS for 5% off.

matching shoes for traveling couples that are great for walking

4. GoPro Hero

We love our GoPro Camera! It’s been part of our adventures ever since the start and we can’t go anywhere without it.

We lost our first one in China but immediately bought another one when we returned home.

Being durable and waterproof are the top qualities, but it also helps that it is light and small. Most our photos on this blog were taken with a GoPro!

5. Roost Laptop Stand

This foldable and adjustable stand goes with us wherever we go. Being online entrepreneurs, we work on our laptops at home and on the road.

This little simple gadget has saved our necks (literally!). Having the stand allows us to work at different locations where the tables and chairs aren’t always ergonomic.

People are always asking us where they can get one whenever they see us using it in public, so here it is!

6. Universal Waterproof Case

Having these pouches to protect our phones was one of the best things while we lived in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Not only was it the perfect item to pack for visiting the islands, but it kept our phone safe during the rainy season as well as the Songkran celebrations.

For such a low price, it’s just a no-brainer to have these wherever you travel. The best part is that they are light and don’t take up a lot of room in your luggage.

You don’t just need them in a wet environment as they are also ideal to protect against sand and dirt. There’s just no reason not to have one of these as traveler!

7. Lightweight Water Resistant Travel Backpack/Foldable & Packable

It’s super useful to have a lightweight backpack for day trips or on hikes.

We love that this backpack can fold away into our luggage and we can pull it out and make use of it on our travels.

Being water resistant is key considering sometime you can’t help getting a little wet whether it’s a misty waterfall trek or accidental spill.

8. Tarriss Digital Luggage Scale

I love having to take stuff out of my luggage when I’m at the check-in counter because it is over the weight limit. Said no one. EVER!

This is one of those things you don’t normally think about when preparing for travel, but when you have one handy, it can really ease some anxiety and stress.

Bonus Gift Idea: Comfortable travel/outdoor attire can be hard to find. Having the right kind of pants for a flight, hike, or just walking around and exploring can make a huge difference in the travel experience.

These outdoor pants are versatile enough for the office but provide the ultimate in comfort for any travel activity.

Soft, stretchable, quick-drying, and lightweight, perfect for on-the go exploring!

The Perfect Gift For Traveling Couples Who Have Pets Or Just Love Them

We been using Trusted Housesitters for over a year now and love it! Use our special link here to get 20% off membership.

This service is great if the couple is traveling and need their home and pets cared for.

Find the ideal sitter from their pet loving community who’ll love your pets and home like their own completely for free. 

It’s also perfect for those who are looking to save on their travels by staying somewhere for free! All they have to do is give their time and care for other’s pets for free.

You can find a place to stay for free in locations world-wide, whether you’re looking for a weekend or a few months.

Travel Gifts for Men

1. Incase Men’s CITY Compact Backpack

Rob got this backpack for his MacbookPro and loved it right off the bat. The look and feel are nothing short of perfect for him.

This backpack is also easier on him as compared to the over-the-shoulder bag he had previously.

He appreciates the quality of the materials as well. (you can check out our guide for rolling packs for more gift ideas)

2. Bose QuietComfort Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

Originally a Christmas present to Rob, these headphones turned out to be one of the best gifts.

We have loved using these in airplanes and airports as well as busy cafes. The sound quality is fantastic!

3. RFID Blocking Genuine Leather Wallet

This slim, bifold wallet with money clip is perfect for the male traveler. The last thing you need is a bulging, bulky wallet when traveling. It’s RFID blocking, too!

We love the minimalist, sleek style. It comes in several different colors.

4. Portable Shelving Roller Duffel Bag

This luggage bag is such a time saver! When you get to a destination, all you want to do is go explore and having to unpack is never a top priority when there are places to see.

This duffel bag keeps all your things organized and available almost instantly. No more having to pull stuff out and having trouble finding the things you need!

If you need some more suggestions, here are some other great gift options.

Gifts For The Traveling Woman

1. Zuca Backpack

I’ve had this backpack for over five years now and have used it on almost every trip. I love the different compartments that keep all of my toiletries organized.

I also use this to carry my laptop around sometimes. It has so much space that I can fit a jacket and change of shoes for emergencies!

It fits perfectly in the overhead compartment of a plane and is best for a carry-on bag.  

If you are the type that wants to travel with only a backpack this can be really great for short trips!

2. ZUCA Utility Pouches

These packing cubes are perfect for the Zuca backpack I mentioned above. They are also a great way to keep things organized in any other suitcase or luggage piece you may have.

Keeping clothing rolled up in these saves a lot of space and tends to keep them smelling better upon arrival. (Keep a dryer sheet in for extra freshness).

3. ZÜCA Rolling Bag

Another one of my favorites from Zuca is this rolling luggage piece. My favorite thing about it is that you can use it as a seat!

Waiting for your cab on the street? No, problem, have a seat on your bag! In a full train? You don’t have to stand!

I just can’t get over how convenient that single characteristic alone has made my journeys.

Just like the backpack, it can fit a lot of stuff and is best when used with the pouches. (They offer a variety of colors and designs you can choose from!)

Bonus Recommendations

1. Travel Pillow And Blanket

I’m a huge fan of having a neck pillow and blanket with me on every flight.

The neck pillow seems to help with my motion sickness. (might have something to do with stabilizing my head from turbulence…)

For more information on the best blankets for travel check out these travel blanket reviews so you can pick one that is easily packable and lightweight.

A travel pillow and blanket will likely come in handy flying on budget airlines that lack in providing amenities, I know they have always been a life saver for me!

2. Daily Mindfulness Journal

We love journaling and have been in the habit of doing it daily now for about a year. This daily habit has made us more mindful and grateful.

We use it to set goals and to keep ourselves motivated, but above all, it helps us be more present and appreciative of our life.

This journal is great for anyone and only requires a few minutes in the morning to get you in the right mindset for the rest of the day!

3. Shampoo & Condition Bars

How many times have you had your things tossed in the trash because they were liquid and you couldn’t have it in your carry-on?

Well, I know I’ve had to plenty of times. These shampoo and conditioner bars can go in your carry-on without worry!

It’s nice to get to your hotel and not have to run out and buy things when you arrive at your destination.

Having these gives you that peace of mind even if you don’t have any checked in luggage. It’s also a bonus that they won’t create a mess in your bag!

We hope that our suggestions above are helpful for anyone looking for gift ideas for travelers.

Below we have some additional recommendations that may also be good for birthday or holiday presents.

15 Useful Travel Gift Ideas For World Traveler Couples

Family Travel Planning Resources

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