Zipline In Chiang Mai – Flight Of The Gibbon Experience

zipline canopy - Flight Of The Gibbon Chiang Mai

Ziplining may not be the first thing that comes to mind when planning your trip in Thailand, but to zip line in Chiang Mai is one of the best experiences you can have.

The lush jungles on the outskirts of the city provide an excellent setting to take flight and go from tree to tree just like the gibbons that have made it their home.

Flight Of The Gibbon is a great company to take the zipline tour with as they provide excellent service and safety.

Are you ready for some adventure? Do you want to experience something totally different in Chiang Mai? Do You like being in the heart of nature?

Well, spending the day zip lining will definitely satisfy these needs.

You’re scared of heights, you say? That’s not a problem.

Honestly, I think everyone is. For a good reason, too. I mean it’s a natural emotion that is there to keep us safe, right?

zipline group in canopy - Flight Of The Gibbon

Everyone I’ve ever zip lined with has initially had this issue. Would you believe me if I told you that it just turns into adrenaline and excitement after that first line?

I’ve experienced zip lining four times now and can tell you it’s an absolute blast. There’s not much required, usually.

You don’t have to be particularly athletic or anything like that. Just about anyone can do it.

The key is picking the right company to experience it with. Making sure they are reputable and safe, as well as having staff that is caring and vigilant.

My experience with Flight Of The Gibbon Zipline in Chiang Mai was exactly that.

If you want to zipline in Chiang Mai, Flight Of The Gibbon is my recommendation for you. I’ll share my experience below so you can see exactly why.

zipline experience in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Tips On How To Prepare For Ziplining

There are some simple things you can do to get ready to zipline and ensure the best experience for yourself.

If this is your first time zip lining here are some of my suggestions and tips:

  1. Listen To Instructions – You’ll be given exact instructions at the beginning of the tour so pay attention. There’s nothing complicated, but doing things the right way will keep you (and others) from getting hurt.
  2. Wear comfortable clothing – You will be geared up with a harness that goes around your upper legs and shoulders. To prevent any discomfort that may be caused by the harness, wear a shirt with sleeves and long shorts or sweatpants. Workout clothes are good for this type of activity. You want to have something on that you can easily move in.
  3. Wear appropriate shoes – Since you’ll be spending your time hanging and on top of trees, you will want to have shoes on that don’t slip off easily. While you can wear sandals with straps, I would recommend shoes that cover and protect your feet in case you accidentally bump them on something. I wore my Sketchers (I wear them everywhere). Sometimes there is a little bit of hiking and climbing involved so tennis shoes would be the best. Putting on some sunblock and bug spray is also a good idea.
  4. Keep your hands free – Don’t take anything with you or have anything hanging off of you that may interfere with your comfort and safety. You would not want to have something on that would get stuck to anything around you or prevent you from being able to use your hands freely. Additionally, you don’t want to take anything along that may fall and get lost! I put my phone in the waterproof case by Kobert.
  5. Keep your hair out of the way – If you have long hair, I would recommend you braid it.
  6. Have Fun – Just go for it! That first leap might seem a bit unnatural and awkward, but you’ll get over it. Make sure to look around as you zip down, take in all the nature around you!
canopy bridge - Flight Of The Gibbon Chiang Mai
how to zipline - Chiang Mai Thailand Flight of the Gibbon tour

Flight Of The Gibbon Zipline Itinerary

The Flight Of The Gibbon zip line tour is very well organized and all-inclusive, so it’s a great value. Here’s a quick description of our day with them to give you an idea of how it goes.

Chiang Mai zipline jungle canopy

We were picked up from our location in Chiang Mai at about 6:30 am. There were a few other people that we picked up along the way before we headed out of the city.

The van was quite comfortable and accommodated the eight of us nicely.

The one hour drive to the jungle was very pleasant. There’s some great scenery along the way as you get into San Kamphaeng area.

As the van makes it’s way up the hill; there are lots of turns.

Before reaching the zipline area, you’ll have a chance to see some of the homes of locals living in the “country” along with agricultural fields, making it a very green and scenic route.

gibbon in Chiang Mai Forest while ziplining

We arrived at about 8 am and after signing the release waiver we were geared up properly (they provide lockers with locks for you to store your items in) and headed into the jungle (make sure to use the bathroom if needed at this point).

Before our short hike, we were given instructions of how to zipline.

The two “Sky Rangers,” or guides, gave us the details on our hand and feet placement and how to position our body for best results.

Before going on the first zipline we had a short hike up and had a chance to take a little water break and rest.

After our first few short lines and some very cool sky bridges, we stopped to see a female gibbon up in the trees. It was a beautiful sight to see this creature in its natural environment.

Did you know they were introduced to this jungle by Flight Of The Gibbon?

Zipline Variety Fun

After seeing the gibbon, we got to zipline the longest line in the canopy. The 800-meter long line was the best part for me.

Going over the forest canopy on a long zipline gives you a chance to really look around and get that feeling of flying before you get to the other side. It was SO much fun!

Along with additional lines, we also went down spiral staircases that wrapped around these giant trees.

There was also a tree that we were able to get lowered down from on a rope attached to our harness. Another fun and unique experience in the canopy was doing the “Superman.”

On this line, we were attached to the line from our backs, so it allowed us to jump off with our body staying somewhat horizontal.

It was nice having this variation on the zipline experience.

spiral staircase - Flight Of The Gibbon Chiang Mai, Thailand

Another added variation was the double line. This allows couples or friends to be attached to two lines that are parallel and running next to each other.

This was my first time going together with someone else, and I enjoyed it a lot!

double zipline - Chiang Mai

The zipline tour ended next to a creek with a small waterfall. It was the most picturesque ending coming down the tree in the middle of that beautiful nature.

abseil down tree - zipline Chiang Mai


I was hoping that we would have our lunch at the last zipline and was a bit disappointed when we started walking away.

Then, I realized that our lunch location was even better! We were taken to a covered dining room located next to another creek and waterfall.

There was even a band playing traditional Thai music while we enjoyed our delicious lunch.

I could have spent the entire afternoon there!

Lunch after zipline with Flight of the Gibbon Chiang Mai

After lunch, we hopped back on the van and drove about 5 minutes to go check out Mae Kamphaeng Waterfall. This is a very tall waterfall that has a bit of a steep hike to get to the top.

There are stairs that make the hike a bit easier, and the view is quite peaceful and nice at the top.

My Zipline Experience In Chiang Mai

I truly enjoyed my zipline tour with this company. The two guides we had were extremely helpful, kind, and sincerely.

More importantly, they were good at their job which is to keep everyone safe. The entire time with us, the guides were keeping a careful eye on all of us.

At the same time, they managed to be fun to hang out with.

sky ranger - zipline tour Chiang Mai, Thailand

The Rangers constantly checked if each of us were having a good time. They joked and made us laugh.

They watched everything extremely closely and seemed to take their jobs very seriously (and they seemed to enjoy it, too!)

This was a huge factor for my impression of the zipline tour. I appreciated their vigilance and sincere hospitality. I also appreciate the fact that this company is environmentally conscious and has made several conservation efforts.

All in all, the forest was beautiful and having the chance to see a gibbon was an added benefit. I would definitely go zip lining here again!

Flight Of The Gibbon Zipline Chiang Mai

Flight Of The Gibbon Contact

  • Website:
  • Thai Phone: 053 010 660
  • Email:

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Zipline In Chiang Mai - Flight Of The Gibbon Experience

Disclaimer: We were guests of Flight Of The Gibbon for this zipline experience. The views and opinions expressed on this website are purely those of the authors. If we claim or appear to be experts on a certain topic or product or service area, we will only endorse products or services that we believe, based on our expertise, are worthy of such endorsement.

20 responses
  1. Sabs Avatar

    You make it look like such a lot of fun! I have always had a fear of doing ziplining. During a team building event a friend’s sandal (not what you are supposed to wear while ziplining) got stuck in a tree and she broke her leg. Since then I have wanted to try it but I have just been to paranoid to try!

    1. Taiss Nowrouzi Avatar
      Taiss Nowrouzi

      Oh sorry about your friend! You just have to be a bit smart about the safety, nothing to worry about really :)

  2. Jeff & Crystal Bryant Avatar
    Jeff & Crystal Bryant

    Oh my what a fun experience. We have a zip-line company here in our city that runs through a wooded area. I really liked the idea of the couple option, since it would allow for twice the fun. Thanks for sharing this story.

    1. Taiss Nowrouzi Avatar
      Taiss Nowrouzi

      Yeah the double line is so fun!

  3. Alice Chen Avatar
    Alice Chen

    I went here too! I had a fantastic time and met some great people while ziplining. It looks like you had a great time too! It’s so awesome that you got to see a gibbon! Unfortunately I didn’t

    1. Taiss Nowrouzi Avatar
      Taiss Nowrouzi

      Too bad you didn’t see one. They look so cute and peaceful :)

  4. The Travel Ninjas Avatar
    The Travel Ninjas

    This sounds so fun. We’ve done ziplines all over the world but never in Thailand … yet. We will definitely check of Flight of the Gibbons next time were in Chang Mai.

    1. Taiss Nowrouzi Avatar
      Taiss Nowrouzi

      yea do it! I’ve Ziplined in Costa Rica and Mexico, too!

  5. Danijela WorldGlimpses Avatar
    Danijela WorldGlimpses

    Never tried it before, but I’ve enjoyed so many pics and videos. It really looks like a great experience. Thanks for sharing, I think your post got me hooked! ;)

    1. Taiss Nowrouzi Avatar
      Taiss Nowrouzi

      Give it a try when you get a chance :)

  6. Paula - Gone with the Wine Avatar
    Paula – Gone with the Wine

    This looks so much fun! I always wanted to try ziplining and preferable in some exotic place like this. I have to keep this in mind in case I ever end up in Chiang Mai. And hopefully I will.

    1. Taiss Nowrouzi Avatar
      Taiss Nowrouzi

      You can do it anywhere and have fun!

  7. Anthony Jury Avatar
    Anthony Jury

    Excellent post. I have never done zipling before, not out of fear or anything, it just hasn’t come up. You have inspired me Taiss to take the plunge or the zip.

    1. Taiss Nowrouzi Avatar
      Taiss Nowrouzi

      try it when you’re in CM :)

  8. Rhiannon Avatar

    I’ve never been zip-lining but it’s always something I’ve wanted to try! We actually have a pretty long zipline in North Wales that I’ve been wanting to check out for a while now so maybe I’ll have to later on in the year!
    Although I find it’s always more exciting to do something like this on holiday and not in your home country.
    Nevertheless wherever I end up doing it ill be sure to keep your tips in mind! :D

    1. Taiss Nowrouzi Avatar
      Taiss Nowrouzi

      It’ll be fun no matter where you do it!

  9. Harsh Gupta Avatar
    Harsh Gupta

    That’s an offbeat thing to do in Thailand. Rarely we come across such amazing ideas and it was so good to read about it. I am so pepped up to try this on my next trip to Thailand.

    1. Taiss Nowrouzi Avatar
      Taiss Nowrouzi

      for sure try it! :)

  10. Ariane Avatar

    I absolutely love zipplining. Last time I did that was in Costa Rica, with a height of a 150m. There was a zippline that lasted almost 1 minute and was called Superman, because they fixed you to the line on the back. was an absolute blast… so if you go to Costa Rica, you have to ry that one as well ;-) I’ll be keeping in mind this one for my travel to Chiang mai :-)

    1. Taiss Nowrouzi Avatar
      Taiss Nowrouzi

      Funny you should say that, because my very first zipline experience was in Costa Rica! I rode a horse and hiked to get to it and we had lunch in the middle and even took a dip in a pond! That was what got me hooked!

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