Things To Do In Belgrade – A Two Day Guide To Serbia’s Capital

Belgrade Serbia Things To Do - View Of Danube From Fortress

Visit Belgrade. We highly recommend it! As capital of Serbia, it is definitely a point of interest with loads to see and fun things to do.

Our visit last summer gave us a glimpse of this fantastic Eastern European country and we want to share our experience in this article.

Check out the things to do and what to see in Belgrade according to our two-day itinerary below.

We break down some budget information as well as suggestions on where to stay and what to eat on your visit so you’ll know what to expect to pay and some idea of local dishes to try!

Ever visit a country that is NOT on your bucket list? I know this seems like a weird question, but I ask because I want to make you think about trying it at some point.

We never had Serbia on our travel radar. To be honest, it wasn’t a country that we had ever heard anyone else travel to. Therefore, we never considered it.

After all, word of mouth is very much a part of how a lot of people determine where they want to visit.

Those who have a limited time off for vacations may choose popular places because they have heard great things about the place from others.

I don’t imagine that many people choose some random, unknown, to spend their hard-earned time off.

I’m here to take Serbia off the “random, unknown” list and give you some inspiration for your next Eastern European travel destination.

There is a level of “guaranteed” enjoyment that comes with going to popular destinations, so they are more of a “safe bet.”

Additionally, it gives people an experience that they are more easily able to have in common with someone in their circle.

Skadrlija - Things to do in Belgrade

I mean, how often do you think you can find another person that will say “Yea I went to Serbia, too, for my two-week vacation”?

I would even go as far as saying that most Americans would probably not be able to locate Serbia on a map, let alone plan a trip to visit any city in this country.

As a travel blogger, I feel a bit of responsibility to shed some light on more underrated places so that more and more people are exposed to them.

Kalamagden Park Belgrade Fortress - Serbia Points Of Interest

Belgrade For Beginners – A Guide Of Things To Do

One of the first things I loved about visiting Belgrade is how easy it is to get around.

You can pretty much walk around to a lot of places, and the ones that are a bit far are a cheap taxi ride away (but not as cheap as in Novi Sad).

The best area to stay in is the main square of Belgrade, Republic Square. This is a very centralized location from which you can roam around and explore by foot.  

Here, you’ll be a stones throw from some of the most recognizable public structures including the National Museum, the National Theatre and the statue of Prince Michael.

There are loads of great restaurants and bars to enjoy right in this square which makes it easy for travelers.

I always find that the hardest thing while exploring is having to figure out where to eat when you’re ALREADY hungry, so it’s nice to have lots of options conveniently located.

What to see in Belgrade

Hanging out with some locals in Serbia gave us a bit of an “insiders” insight into some of the popular spots. For instance, locals may tell their friends to meet “At the horse.”  

This might sound like some kind of code, but if you just look around while in Republic Square, it will be more obvious to you what they are referring to.

When they say “Kod konja” literally meaning “at the horse” they are talking about the statue of Prince Michael (Prince Mihailo Monument).  

This is popular meeting point due to it’s easy to find, central location. Incidentally, this is the spot we started from on our free walking tour (keep reading for more details on this).

Where To Stay In Belgrade

As we have mentioned, Republic Square is the place to be when visiting Belgrade so you will want to stay at a hotel right in that area for convenience and ease of sightseeing.

Our Serbian friends recommended a hotel right in the square. The Hotel Majestic is an ideal choice. Our local friends had previously stayed there and recommended it to us for our stay.

For its perfect location, the price and quality were well worth it (I think it was about $80 USD when we booked). Our room was clean and well organized with the essential amenities.

The bed was comfortable and provided us the rest we needed on our first night in Serbia (after we had been traveling for over 10 hours already).

The best part, really, was the perfect area in which the hotel is situated.

If you want to make the most efficient use of your time and not have to spend money on transportation, we highly recommend staying here.image 8329250 10778981

Things To Do In Belgrade Serbia

By the way, the breakfast that is included at the Hotel Majestic was another highlight of our stay.

They provide a massive variety of options in their breakfast buffet, and the food is delicious.

We loved having a big breakfast with all of our favorites as well as some new local items to try before starting our day exploring the city.

It really set the tone for the rest of our time in Serbia!

Traveler Tip: You can purchase sim cards for about 600 dinar ($3), then top it up with 300 dinar for 1GB.

1. Day One In Belgrade – Kalemegdan (Belgrade) Fortress

No Cost To Visit. (Taxi from Republic Square: around $3USD)

After resting for a bit upon our arrival to Belgrade (we were traveling from Thailand, so the flight was a bit long and tiring), our local friends took us on a tour of Kalamagden Park and Belgrade Fortress.

The park itself is a fantastic place to walk around in and enjoy time with friends or family (a locals hangout).

We visited as the sun was getting ready to set on our mid-summer day, so it was a great time to be there.

The glistening waters of the Danube flowed down below the edge of the fortress in the Golden Hour, creating a pleasantly romantic ambiance.

The views here are priceless which make you wonder how a beautiful place like this could be free to enter!

If you happen to be in Serbia for the summertime, try to visit the fortress during sunset for the best experience.

Belgrade Fortress - Things To Do In Serbia

2. Day One In Belgrade – Check Out Skadrlija

Don’t miss spending some time at Skadrlija. This area is considered the Bohemian Quarter of Belgrade (‘the Montmartre of Belgrade’).  

This historic area that is part of Belgrade’s downtown consists of restaurants, bars, and boutique shops selling antiques and souvenirs down the cobblestone alleyways.

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. Perfect for your Instagram, right?!

Skadrlija - restaurant and what to see in Belgrade

The artistic and unique design of this area makes it a popular tourist destination along with it being a great place to experience some authentic Serbian food and music.

Restaurants serving up national specialties in food and drinks boast some famous visitors from around the world, some of which you may see photo displays of on their walls.

Skadrlija is an excellent area for enjoying classic food along with the traditional sounds of Serbian music in the background.

Skadrlija - what to see in Belgrade, Serbia

What To Eat:

  • Prebranac – baked bean dish
  • Gibanica – Serbian cheese pie
  • Ćevapi – meat dish
  • Pileći paprikaš – chicken and tomato stew

What To Drink:

  • Turkish coffee
  • Rakija – Serbian Brandy
Serbian Food - Visit Belgrade

We had all of the above with wine and bread at Restoran Dva Jelena Skadarlija. The total cost for four people came out to about $60USD.

The portions are enormous, and we had lots left over after stuffing ourselves silly! In the evening, the perfect place to hang out is back at Republic Square.

We spent some time at Boutique Cafe & Restaurant, relaxing and enjoying some beers with our friends to wind down the day.

It’s a great place with a lot of energy as a lot of locals and visitors partake in some socializing and beverage and food consumption at the various restaurants and bars here.

If you’re a solo traveler, this is an ideal spot to people watch or meet some new friends.

Also, perfect for couples traveling who want to have a chill spot to hang out. (Our group had six beers for a total of $10USD)

Watch this one-minute video of some of our favorite Belgrade highlights.

3. Day Two In Belgrade – Free Belgrade Walking Tour

Our morning started with a satisfying breakfast at the Hotel Majestic, and  we were off to meet our free walking tour at the Prince Michael Statue.

While we waited for the tour to start, we grabbed some fresh juice at a nearby cafe in the square ($10 USD for four people).

We decided to take the 20th Century Tour which is about 2.5 hours and doesn’t require any prior reservation (a bonus! especially as a great last-minute activity)

These tours are run by locals at no charge. They are authentic and genuine and provide you with A LOT of information on the site you visit.

We always love walking tours wherever we visit because it gives us a great overview of the place and if we enjoy a particular attraction we know we can always go back to it on our own and explore it more in-depth.

These free tours in Belgrade are offered daily, all year round and start at 10:30am.

The guides rely on tips from the group so they put a whole-hearted effort into making it a great experience for everyone.

They allow you to ask questions and try their best to give helpful, insider information that can potentially benefit the rest of your trip (like where to eat like a local, etc.).

If you don’t get a chance to (or choose not to) go on the tour, make sure you don’t miss the places mentioned below and add them on your list of things to do when visiting Belgrade.  

Here are the highlights of the tour:

  1. Prince Michael Statue
  2. The National Museum
  3. National Theatre
  4. Constantinople Gate – historic walled city limit of Belgrade (leads to Constantinople)
  5. St Marks Church – built in the period between 1931 and 1940 in the Tašmajdan Park, in the center of Belgrade.
  6. Church of Saint Sava – Christian Orthodox temple. Not only is this church one of the largest Orthodox churches in the world but the building itself also ranks among the largest church structures in the world.
  7. The Belgrade Headquarters of Radio Television of Serbia – The remains of the damaged media building still stand as a reminder of the NATO bombing in 1999.
Prince Michael Statue Republic Square - visit Belgrade
St Marks Church - Things To Do In Serbia Belgrade
Church of Saint Sava - Things To Do In Belgrade
Media Building Belgrade - Serbia Points Of Interest

One of the most recognizable historic landmarks in Belgrade, Hotel Moskva is one of the oldest hotels in operation in Serbia.

Check out the architecture and then sip on some beverages as you people watch on their outdoor patio and take it all in.

Hotel Moskov - Serbia Points Of Interest

So, Are You Ready To Put “Visit Belgrade” On Your Bucket List?

  • Summer is the best time of year to visit. However, spring and fall are also great (you will need a warm jacket).
  • Make sure you are prepared with insurance for your travels.
  • Here is a good guide book if you need more information for your trip.
  • For our travel gear recommendations, check out our store on Amazon.
  • If you can, include 2 to 3 days in Kotor, Montenegro. It’s only about an hour flight from Belgrade! 
  • Visit another Eastern European city that is close by. You can spend a day exploring Skopje, North Macedonia as it offers some great things to do!
  • Start your accommodations search in the box below.
Things To Do In Belgrade – A Two Day Guide To Serbia’s Capital
  1. Shannon Avatar

    I wonder how much longer Serbia will be ‘undiscovered’ for? The prices are amazing, much better than other major cities within Europe. The food looks delicious too.

    1. Taiss Nowrouzi Avatar
      Taiss Nowrouzi

      I know, maybe I should have kept these things a secret! LOL but it really is a great spot right now before it does get too popular!

  2. My Travelogue by Bhushavali Avatar
    My Travelogue by Bhushavali

    We’re planning Serbia for mid-late 2018. Hope it works out. Our prime destination would be Belgrade ofcourse, as the flight heads there! Thanks for this itinerary, helps a lot!!!

    1. Taiss Nowrouzi Avatar
      Taiss Nowrouzi

      Oh wonderful! I hope you check out some of these spots in Belgrade. Novi Sad is also a great city!

  3. Marvi Avatar

    Belgrade looks really charming.. Love how you can explore it by foot with plenty of sights to see, including those amazing architecture… :) Seems like you had a wonderful trip! Skadrlija looks and sounds like an instagrammer’s paradise indeed! Those flowers! <3

    1. Taiss Nowrouzi Avatar
      Taiss Nowrouzi

      Thank you Marvi! I think Skadrlija was my favorite spot! Very charming and relaxing place to hang out.

  4. Jub Avatar

    Yessssss, you captured Belgrade perfectly. If it wasn’t so cold, I’d totally go back there right now.

    “At the horse,” – that is brilliant!

    I loved the sports culture there. They are pretty handy at team sports and of course, have one of the best players to have played in Novak. Was quite satisfying going to the Novak Cafe & Restaurant (though it is a bit far away from where most people congregate).

    The range of beer prices was incredible. You got a steal in the heart of the city, then you can go to the waterfront and pay three times as much…let alone going to the nightclubs.

    People will love the Belgrade following this itinerary.

    1. Taiss Nowrouzi Avatar
      Taiss Nowrouzi

      Hey Jub! Thank for the great comment!They really love basketball there, you know! Yeah it can get cold in winter, butI would totally stay in Serbia for an entire summer!

      1. Jub Avatar

        Smart minds think alike :D Chase summer!

  5. Punita Malhotra Avatar
    Punita Malhotra

    The historic side of Belgrade appeals to me the most and I would spend a lot of time admiring the architecture. Also Skadrlija, the Bohemian Quarter of Belgrade with its colorful eating joints, antique shops and cobblestone alleyways. That’s me!

    1. Taiss Nowrouzi Avatar
      Taiss Nowrouzi

      Skadrlija was my favorite for sure! The food was sooooo good and not expensive considering the huge portions…Great place to spend summer evenings!

  6. Anushka Avatar

    Firstly i agree with whatever you described about the non popularity of Serbia but I am surely heading in 2018. I’m planning to visit this beautiful land since 2014. I’m very thankful with your post bcoz it’s gonna be very helpful (bookmarked). All the pictures are gorgeous. Thanks for this post.

    1. Taiss Nowrouzi Avatar
      Taiss Nowrouzi

      That’s really great! Thanks! I hope you enjoy this place as much as we did!

  7. David Avatar

    Thanks for this post. I’ve always thought of visiting Belgrade because I’ve heard good things but I’ve just never found myself nearby. Your post makes it a city that I definitely should visit!

    1. Taiss Nowrouzi Avatar
      Taiss Nowrouzi

      I hope you have a chance to visit there before it gets too popular or expensive!

  8. Amrita Sen Avatar
    Amrita Sen

    A capital city is always special. You have given a great description of the city. And yes, I would definitely like to try out the walking tours. I too feel that walking is the best way to know a city.

    1. Taiss Nowrouzi Avatar
      Taiss Nowrouzi

      You’re right, there’s something about the capital of a place that adds to its appeal.

  9. neha Avatar

    Thank you so much for the detailed guide of things to do in Belgrade. I totally love places which are walkable , where attractions are located quiet close to each other and can be easily navigated. And Belgrade sounds perfect from that point of view. I will definitely visit here one day.

    1. Taiss Nowrouzi Avatar
      Taiss Nowrouzi

      yes! you are correct in that it’s a easy place to navigate around so you can have a couple of days full of things to do!

  10. Ami Bhat Avatar
    Ami Bhat

    For one, the heritage part of Belgrade is bound to keep me busy but what I loved and discovered through your post was how charming Skadrlija is. I love the floral extravaganza there . It makes it so vibrant and refreshing. Very lovely pics

    1. Taiss Nowrouzi Avatar
      Taiss Nowrouzi

      Thank you! I hope you get a chance to visit.

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