Places You Must See In Singapore – Most You Can Visit In 1 day

places to visit in Singapore in 1 day-Marina Bay pool view

Who would have thought that a tiny little sovereign city-state would be such an impressive destination to visit in Southeast Asia?

We were aware of the cleanliness reputation that Singapore is so famously known for but didn’t know of the numerous places it offered for visitors to experience and see.

In an area that stretches only fourteen miles from north to south and takes only 40 minutes to get from one end to the other, it sure is packed with some extraordinary scenery both in natural and architectural form.

Located only one degree from the equator, Singapore has ideal temperatures practically year-round so you just can’t go wrong whenever you go for a visit.

places to visit in Singapore in one day - Boat Quay

How To Spend One Day In Singapore

The Gardens By The Bay and Marina Bay are among the more well-known, top places to see but it doesn’t end there.

There are a variety of locations we suggest you check out, even if your stay in Singapore is a short one.

While some of the places on our list may take up an entire day, there are lots of must-see suggestions that can be grouped on a one-day visit.

Make sure to put these all on your Singapore bucket list when you’re planning your trip!

Aside from a visual feast, travel to Singapore also leaves you with a feeling that with conviction and some effort, cities can be turned into something of a “functioning paradise” on this planet for both us humans as well as the flora and fauna that share it with us.

Singapore famous places for visit - Boat Quay View

Since even before it’s independence, Singapore has been a commerce, finance, and transport hub.

Therefore, it has become home to people from many different backgrounds and cultures.

There are four official languages. English is the first language and most commonly used.

Most of the locals are bilingual so you may hear them speaking in Malay, Mandarin or Tamil as well.

Singapore had always been on our wish list of top places to travel to in Southeast Asia, and we never thought we would get a chance to go so soon during our stay.

Luckily, an opportunity arose while we were living in Thailand (here’s a good plan on where to go if you plan a visit) and since the flight was so short and affordable, we couldn’t resist.

Also, it was a birthday treat from my lovely husband so, naturally, I was thrilled!

Based on our four days in Singapore, I’ve divided the following attractions into an itinerary in order to make it easier to see how much time should be spent at each location.

Hopefully, this will help anyone planning a visit regardless of how many days they have and can easily be customized.

Top attraction in Singapore to see - Aerial View of the city

1. Day One In Singapore – Merlion Park In The Morning

Start your day early and head over to Merlion Park before the crowds get there. If you’re staying near Boat Quay, it should be fairly close and easy to get to for you.

We walked from Boat Quay to Merlion Park and enjoyed the scenery along the way, which was a bonus!

Here you can take in the sights across the bay and capture that cheesy tourist photo. Tourists have their fun posing in creative ways with their background attractions in the distance.

I’ve seen people pose in such a way that it looks as if they are holding up the top part of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

It’s fun just to watch other tourists stand in hilarious positions only to capture that tricky photo.

places to visit in Singapore in one day - Merlion Tourist Photo
top 10 places to visit Singapore - Merlion Park Attraction

The Merlion statue from which the park is named after may seem a bit curious. After all, why would a lion have a fishtail? Or a fish have a lion head?

Well, apparently the body was designed to symbolize the humble beginnings of the country during which it was a fishing village.

The lion head refers to the country’s original name, “Singapura,” which is Malay for “Lion City.”

  • Cost: Free
  • Time to spend here: One Hour (more or less depending on how many pictures you may want to take here :))

2. Day One In Singapore – Gardens By The Bay In The Afternoon & Evening

This is the place you will want to spend the bulk of your day and part of your evening.

On their website, they state that they are a “showpiece of horticulture and garden artistry that presents the plant kingdom in a whole new way, entertaining while educating visitors.”

This description is spot on! The “green” game is strong in Singapore and the Gardens By The Bay is the best example of it.

With the Supertree Grove, Flower Dome, and cloud Forest, visitors are exposed to a myriad of species of plants from around the world, kept alive in various temperatures and environment that are specially created for them. It’s all very fascinating, to say the least.

Singapore top tourist destinations - Flower Dome Conservatory

Flower Dome

Yes! There is a garden within the Gardens! In 2015 Guinness World Records listed this as the largest glass greenhouse in the world.

You may want to download their free “Plant Explorer” App to help you learn some fun facts about the plants and their origins and navigate through the regional gardens.

Explore through a variety of exotic flowers and  plants presented in nine different gardens. You will see species brought in from five different continents around the world.

Singapore must see and do - Cloud Forest

Cloud Forest

The second column-less greenhouse, the Cloud Forest’s best feature is the indoor waterfall.

Both climate-controlled indoor conservatories are a great place to go and escape the heat while being encompassed by diverse vegetation and sprinkled with the mist of the water falling from atop the mountain sculpted with orchids, ferns, begonias, and even carnivorous plants such as pitcher plants

  • Cost: check prices here for visiting both (You can also purchase separate tickets if you only prefer to go to one. If you are short on time, we recommend just going to the Cloud Forest)
  • Time to spend here: about an hour and a half at each conservatory.
Singapore must see - Cloud Forest Conservatory

Supertree Grove

This futuristic looking “forest” is both beautiful and functional as eleven of the Supertrees are equipped with solar panels that harvest the power of the sun and turn it into electricity.

A close-up of these 25 to 50 meter-tall, man-made, “trees” reveals that they are actually more like vertical gardens.

The structures are home to more than 200 species and varieties of bromeliads, orchids, ferns and tropical flowering climbers!

what to see in singapore in one day - Supertree Grove at Gardens By The Bay

Additionally, there is an elevated walkway between the canopies, the OCBC Skyway, that allows you to see the surrounding landscapes and Supertrees as well as the Marina Bay skyline in panorama.

Here’s a combo ticket that is great for going to the Flower Dome, Cloud Forest, and OCBC the Skyway.

The aerial pathway is raised to 22 meters and stretches a length of 128 meters.

There is a cost of $8 admission, but well worth the chance to take an elevator that is located within one of the Supertrees and have a bird’s-eye view of this beautiful area.

(Note: the Skyway may be restricted due to weather or chance of lightning. Initially, we were not allowed admission, but after about half an hour of waiting and hoping, it was declared safe, and we were allowed to go up.)

If you’re on a tight budget, you can roam around the gardens and take in the beautiful landscapes and sculptures for free. Hang out long enough, and you’re in for a treat once night falls.

Garden Rhapsody Show

Twice nightly, (one show at 7:45 pm and another at 8:45 pm) you’ll be treated to a light and sound show where the Supertrees seem to come to life.

As the orchestra plays the trees dance with changing and flickering lights. The twinkling and changing colors will have you mesmerized!

  • Cost: Free
  • Time to spend here: Allow for at least two hours here (this includes the 15 minutes of watching the Garden Rhapsody Show)
Singapore must see and do - Garden Rhapsody Light and Sound Show

If you have a second day in Singapore, we have suggestion on some other amazing things you can do, all in one day.

Pro-Traveler Tip: Purchase a Hop-On Hop-Off Sightseeing Bus Tour for the best way to get around and see the major attractions.

3. Day Two In Singapore – Chinatown In The Morning

If you want to be close to Chinatown, the 5Footway Inn provides excellent accommodations for the best value in Singapore.

Chinatown offers a glimpse into the rich history and culture of Singapore.

Smaller, much more humble architecture can be found here in contrast to the high-rise and modern buildings elsewhere in town.

It’s in this part of the city that visitors are presented with more colorful surroundings and different aromas which show the character and culture that makes this country.

Here are our suggestions on how you can spend your day and do some fun sightseeing of the major attractions in the area.

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum

Buddhist artifacts from all around Asia including China, Thailand, Myanmar, and Pakistan are on display in the museum here, and free tours are available.

Every Tuesday and Thursday tours are offered in English, but be sure to call ahead and grab a spot, so you don’t miss out on this beautiful temple rich in history and art.

Here’s a great walking tour for Chinatown.

top ten places in Singapore - Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

Sri Mariamman Temple

The second must-see temple on your visit should be Sri Mariamman, the oldest Hindu temple in Singapore dating back to early 19th century.

If you happen to be visiting during October/November, don’t miss the Theemithi (Fire Walking Ceremony).

The most exciting aspect of this temple is the ornamental and elaborately decorated tower entrance (gopuram), which has been a landmark to generations of Hindu worshippers.

  • Cost: Free
  • Time to spend here: 2-3 hours (depending on how long you may want to browse around for some shopping as well)
places to go in Singapore - Sri Mariamman Hindu Temple

4. Day Two In Singapore – Arab Quarter In The Afternoon

Originally named Kampong Glam, this area is one of Singapore’s oldest quarters to be developed as well as being the first trading district.

Along with a plethora of restaurants and shops you can spend your afternoon wandering through, there’s a lot of street art here which is hard to find elsewhere in Singapore.

Don’t miss the most eye-catching structure:

Sultan Mosque – The largest unofficial center of worship for Muslims locally dating back to 200 years ago.

  • Cost: Free
  • Time to spend here: 2 hours

This is a good walking tour that we would recommend.

Singapore must see - Sultan Mosque Arab Quarter

5. Day Two In Singapore – Chinatown In The Evening For Dinner

  • Eat the celebrated Singaporean chicken and rice dish at Liao Fan Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice Noodle Star foods – Michelin-Starred food at hawker stall prices
  • Eat Chili Crab – Another must try Singaporean favorite that can be found at the trendy Chinatown Seafood Restaurant.

6. Day Two In Singapore – Clark Quay In The Evening

  • Eat Bak Kut Teh at Xiao Chen Gu Shi –  Try the pork rib cooked in broth along with other delectable pork dishes.
  • Drinks – Harry’s Clark Quay
  • Shanghai Dolly at Clarke Quay – The only cabaret-style club in town with mandopop live music.
Singapore can't miss - Eat Bak Kut Teh at Xiao Chen Gu Shi

7. Days Three & Four In Singapore – Must-Sees That Will Take All Day

For those that may have more time in Singapore. Here are some ideas on what to do on your third and fourth day visit.

The attractions below are likely to take up an entire day, so there may not be time to combine anything else with them:

  • Sentosa Island – Go to the island of the island! Enjoy a relaxing day at the beach, and you may forget that a metropolitan city is just minutes away.
  • Universal Studios – This one is for the fans like us who just HAVE to try out the craziest roller-coasters wherever they go!
must see places Singapore - Sentosa Island Beach
places to go in Singapore - Universal Studios

Bonus Recommendations:

  • Sip On The Famous Singapore Sling – Raffle’s Hotel is where it was created so pop in and grab the tasty invention!
  • Stay at the Marina Bay Sands – Enjoy the luxury accommodations and fantastic views and then try your luck at the casino
places to go in Singapore to have Slink - Raffles
Singapore top tourist destinations - Gardens By The Bay

Our Top Recommendations for Budget Friendly Places To Stay:

Must See In Singapore - Even In One Day
  1. Agness of Fit Travelling Avatar
    Agness of Fit Travelling

    Singapore is an astonishing travel destination and your suggestions are definitely must visit! How many days would you recommend staying there, Taiss?

    1. Taiss Nowrouzi Avatar
      Taiss Nowrouzi

      Hi Agnes! I would say you would need at the very least 3 days in Singapore. 4-5 Days is probably just perfect to really take it in and enjoy everything in a relaxed way.

  2. Michelle C Avatar
    Michelle C

    Great recommendations – thanks for sharing! I’m sure we’ll get to Singapore one day…

    1. Taiss Nowrouzi Avatar
      Taiss Nowrouzi

      I hope you do! it’s a wonderful city!

  3. Pete Avatar

    It’s been nine years and a half since I was in Singapore (outside the airport, that is, and that doesn’t count, does it) and looks like some impressive changes made.

    Historic and interesting to start with, this new development has upped the ante for this tiny city-state.

    Then again, some things never grow old, like having one of those sinful Singapore Slings in the Long Bar, the peanut shells crunching beneath!

    1. Taiss Nowrouzi Avatar
      Taiss Nowrouzi

      I think the sky is the limit with Singapore and it will continue to impress.
      It was hard for me to drop the peanut shells on the floor knowing the rest of the city is so clean (felt like I was a rebel!)

  4. Yogita Avatar

    Singapore is one of my favorite places to visit or stop over when I am traveling to Europe. I love the food more than anything else in Singapore. Lovely blog, lots of great advice and information on places to visit and things to see.

    1. Taiss Nowrouzi Avatar
      Taiss Nowrouzi

      I really wish we had stayed longer so I could try more foods! I do love the options and flavors there!

  5. Dada Avatar

    I love Singapore! For anyone visiting Asia for the first time I always suggest Singapore as the first stop because it is an easy asia country to traveler and a good warm-up before tackling harder asian countries. And love the food because they have so much mix of culture into the food!

    1. Taiss Nowrouzi Avatar
      Taiss Nowrouzi

      I agree! It is a great “beginners city” for those going to Asia for the first time. Singapore represents well!

  6. Flo Avatar

    Great guide! I have yet to make it to Gardens By the Bay but the photos look absolutely stunning – this is a great guide for a 3-4 day stay in Singapore. I’ve heard great things about the Universal Studios in Singapore.

    1. Taiss Nowrouzi Avatar
      Taiss Nowrouzi

      Universal Studios is fun but it does take almost an entire day so if you’re in Singapore less that 3 days I would skip it. There is so much to see there!

  7. Meagan Avatar

    It looks like you had such a fun trip – and you fit so much into only 4 days! I love the super trees… I think they’re definitely one of the first things I’d want to see there. Thanks for this awesome itinerary!

    1. Taiss Nowrouzi Avatar
      Taiss Nowrouzi

      Meagan, We tend to pack a lot into our trips, but also try to take time to enjoy everything we do. It was nice to just sit under the Supertrees and watch the light show at night! Also, getting up in the canopy gave us some great views!

  8. David Avatar

    I wasn’t aware of so many things to do in Singapore! I’m looking at visiting Asia next year so this has been really helpful, thanks

    1. Taiss Nowrouzi Avatar
      Taiss Nowrouzi

      Oh yeah so much in Singapore! I hope you get to visit and explore a little. Asia is so amazing :)

  9. Anthony Avatar

    Thanks for posting this! Great tips for a stop over stay. Keep travelling and writing!

    1. Taiss Nowrouzi Avatar
      Taiss Nowrouzi

      I’m glad you like the tips, Anthony! Singapore is a great place to check out even if you’r on a stopover!

  10. Anushka Avatar

    This is such a perfect list summed up, I recently visited Malaysia but unfortunately, couldn’t make it to Singapore, but have to surely make a plan to visit Singapore soon :)

    1. Taiss Nowrouzi Avatar
      Taiss Nowrouzi

      We have yet to visit Malaysia and have great things about the food there, too!

  11. neha Avatar

    I am actually planning a trip to Singapore next year. And your itinerary looks perfect. Plus I want to add a lot of fun for my little kid who will be 4 years old then. So, will include S.E.A Aquarium, zoo, night safari, jurong bird park and all other attractions for kids in my itinerary :)

    1. Taiss Nowrouzi Avatar
      Taiss Nowrouzi

      Those all sound great! I am sure they will be in awe of the flower dome and the indoor waterfall there!

  12. Bruce Schinkel Avatar
    Bruce Schinkel

    Really great overview of Singapore! I’ve been seeing it appear on my radar more and more lately, and i really enjoyed your tips. Seems like a super fun way to spend a couple of days

    1. Taiss Nowrouzi Avatar
      Taiss Nowrouzi

      yes it is really fun! the architecture is great too!

  13. Suma Avatar

    Perfectly summed itinerary for Singapore city. I love the vibrant and liveliness of the city. I’m yet to fully explore Gardens by the Bay, as I had little time when I was in Singapore. Hopefully next visit I will be able to tick it off.

    1. Taiss Nowrouzi Avatar
      Taiss Nowrouzi

      The place has a lot to explore and does require some time! Always great to visit Singapore.

  14. Aashi Sharma Avatar
    Aashi Sharma

    Hi Taiss,
    You have planned very cleanly your 4 day trip to Singapore. The pictures you have taken are amazing and especially the Merlion Park ones.
    You have been to most visited places in Singapore i.e Gardens by the bay, universal studios Singapore and little India and I will definitely try the Singaporean sling my next visit there.

    1. Taiss Nowrouzi Avatar
      Taiss Nowrouzi

      Thanks so much Aashi! We did see some great places that are highly popular in Singapore! Do try the famous drink and let us know what you thought of it there!

  15. Ajay kumar Avatar
    Ajay kumar

    Really thanks for sharing this useful post !! Singapore is the best destination to visit in world for honeymoon and holidays. I will definitely visit these places with my friends.

    1. Taiss Nowrouzi Avatar
      Taiss Nowrouzi

      That’s really great!I hope you have a fun time!

  16. Tania Gromenko Avatar
    Tania Gromenko

    That’s quite a informative Blog. I have been to Singapore but haven’t covered all of this. I stayed at Clarke Quay, I must say that’s a place to be for night parties & was sheer fun.

    1. Taiss Nowrouzi Avatar
      Taiss Nowrouzi

      I didn’t know that there were night parties there! Sounds fun!

  17. Dil Gurung Avatar
    Dil Gurung

    Thanks, a lot for sharing, an amazing photo of Singapore. I really enjoy going through this page.

  18. Sagar Kole Avatar
    Sagar Kole

    Singapore is not that big as compared to other Asian countries. But it surprises tourists with its attractions. I have just been once and loved the city very much. I covered everything that you are suggesting in this blog: Supertree Grove, Flower Dome, and Cloud Forest. Sentosa Island, and Universal Studios. But Clarke Quay was left out due to lack of time. But I will catch it next time.

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