A Day In Cascais And Belem – From Lisbon By Taxi

Though our initial intention was to see the Boca do Inferno and the Old Town Cascais, we only ended up hanging out at one of the most awesome beaches in Portugal the entire day! Our one day getaway from Lisbon consisted of some fun in the sun on the Atlantic Coast of Portugal with a pit stop in Belem on our way back to town. It was easy going from Lisbon to Cascais and Belem by taxi and not as costly as you would imagine, though, it is probably cheaper to take the train. For some extra adventure, there's also the option of biking the coastal path from Old Town Cascais to Guincho Beach.

How To Go From Lisbon To Cascais

If you're spending some time in Lisbon like we did, it's a good opportunity to go for a quick visit to Cascais and the closest beach on the coast of Portugal here. You can easily take the 210 Cais Sodré bus from Casa do Contoto to Cais do Sodréand catch the Cascais Train Line. The train ride from there is about 40 minutes and drops you off right in the heard of this coastal town.

Taxi from Lisbon to Cascais

From Old Town Cascais, you can rent a bike and ride 8 kilometers (about 5 miles) north to Guincho Beach. It looked tempting to us as the path that connects Cascais to Guincho beach follows the coastline with dramatic views along the way. However, we were being lazy and knew that doing this would have cut our time short and prevented us from visiting Belem later in the day.

Instead, we took a taxi from Lisbon straight to Guincho Beach near Cascais.

In order to save time and have a bit more convenience, we ordered an Uber to pick us up from our Airbnb apartment. We wanted to have ample time at the beach to just relax. Additionally, we had a backpack with a beach mat (yeah we brought that with us from Chiang Mai, Thailand!) so we just wanted to sit back and enjoy the ride, just the two of us. I think this was a great idea and would recommend it for families as well.

How much is a taxi from Lisbon to Cascais?

The taxi ride from Lisbon to Guincho beach was less than 40 minutes total and cost us €50, which is about $61 USD. This was probably the most expensive the ride would be due to it being Saturday and having a price surge. Since it would take about the same amount of time to go from Lisbon to the town of Cascais, I imagine this would be the same cost for a taxi ride.

 Why You Should Visit Cascais Portugal

Escaping the hot and busy city of Lisbon could be a good reason for making a quick day trip out to Cascais. Don't get me wrong, Lisbon is fun and great to check out, but if you are there more than three or four days, it would be a good idea to check out the coast, get in some beach time, and enjoy the small town feel that Cascais offers.

The cool ocean breeze, wide inviting beach, and great surfing (if that's your thing) are all perfect reasons to make the short trip, so don't miss out!

Boca do Inferno should be on top of your list when going to Cascais. These dramatic cliff formations are a sight to see and with a distance of 2 kilometers from Old Town Cascais, it's only about a 20-minute walk, so why not check it out?!

What To Do In Cascais - The Old Town & Praia do Guincho

Go To Guincho Beach (Praia do Guincho)

As I said previously, we skipped going to Cascais Old Town and went straight to Guincho Beach. It was a super windy day but we managed to find a little hide-out among the short cliff by the beach.

Lisbon to Cascais Day Trip - Guincho beach

It is an enormous beach and there was hardly any people on it considering it was mid-July when we were there. I am guessing most tourists stick to Lisbon, or if they do make it out to Cascais, stay on the beach near the town. Having said that, it's probably perfect for people who want to get away from the busy tourist scene. It's worth noting that the people that we did see at this beach were all locals!

There's some awesome kitesurfing going on at this beach!

Enjoy A Sangria at Bar do Guincho

Guincho Beach isn't surrounded by much, so you won't have a lot of restaurants and bars around (which is nice in a way). There is a hotel next to the beach with a bar and some small bites. During our time on the beach, we grabbed a sandwich from the bar at this hotel and it was enough to hold us over as we lounged around.

Lisbon to Cascais Day Trip - beach restaurant

A bit further down the beach, somewhat hidden behind the rocks and cliff, there is a cool bar to hang out at. We spent the latter part of the beach day at Bar do Guincho, enjoying a carafe of Sangria and some fries. The outdoor seating at this bar is just a bit elevated from the beach and gives you spectacular views of the ocean!

The Old Town of Cascais

Here are some top attractions if you plan to visit Cascais Portugal as well as some accommodations options if you choose to stay the night.

  • Nossa Senhora da Assunção church
  • Paula Rego House of Stories
  • Marégrafo de Cascais
  • Museu Condes de Castro Guimarãe
  • Palace of Cascais Citadel
  • Lighthouse Museum of Santa Marta
  • Beaches In Cascais:

    • Praia de Santa Mart
    • Ribeira Beach Cascai
    • Praia da Rainh
    • Praia da Conceição

    Visit Belem Before Heading Back To Lisbon

    Once afternoon approached, we decided to head to Belem and ordered an Uber from Guincho beach. The taxi from Cascais to Belem cost about €22 and dropped us off right in front of Pasteis de Belem.

    Try The Famous Belem Lisbon Custard Tarts

    This just might be the primary reason tourists visit Belem. The famous Portuguese egg tarts of Pasteis de Belem draw tons of people to this little neighborhood just about 10 kilometers outside of Lisbon. The Pastry shop is pretty big in size and can seat a lot of people. There was a huge line of people ordering boxes for takeaway. The wait to sit inside, however, was not very long.

    Lisbon To Cascais and Belem - custard tarts

    They offer a selection of pastries, but naturally, we opted for the pasteis de nata which matched perfectly with a cup of their delicious coffee. It was a delightful treat after a day spent at the beach. The yummy sweets are said to have originated in the monasteries here in the early 1800's.

    We enjoyed our experience (cute interior with accents of blue) of the pastry shop as well as the pasteis de nata and headed out to explore the rest of the afternoon in Belem.

    What To Do Belem Lisbonne - custard tarts

    Monument To The Discoveries 

    We hung out a bit by the Tagus River where the Monument To Discoveries is erected. The monument is an exact replica of the one built for the 1940 World Exhibition. This is the spot where Vasco da Gama set off on his voyage to India (and found a shorter route) as well as where Columbus was forced to stop due to a storm on his way back to Spain after discovering the Americas!

    travel from lisbon to cascais - Belem Monument To The Discoveries

    Torre De Belem (Belem Tower)

    We walked along the river for about 15 minutes before reaching the Belem Tower. Unfortunately, it was already closed when we arrived, so we just marveled at the exterior of this cool medieval defense tower. Nevertheless, it was worth seeing in person and we were able to capture some great photos with the 25 de Abril Bridge in the background (yeah, the one that is a look-a-like of our big, red bridge back home in San Francisco!).

    What To Do In Belem - Tower

    Our full day at Guincho Beach and a pit stop in Belem was an absolute blast! It was a nice mix of relaxation and sightseeing. We didn't feel rushed at all and took our time to really enjoy everything the day offered us.

    The taxi ride from Belem back to Lisbon was only €8. In total, we spent €80 for visiting Guincho Beach and Belem from Lisbon. We don't consider this expensive at all and found great value in having the convenience and comfort taking a private taxi provided us.

    We hope that our article here provides good information for those looking to travel from Lisbon to Cascais. If you find this post useful please let us know in the comments. We would love to hear from you if you've made the Lisbon to Cascais day trip and how your experience was.

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    Anoop Aswal

    Awesome account of your travels. Kindly review my first travelogue and give your suggestions on it .. It is about toughest pilgrimage in India

    Bruce Schinkel

    I can totally see why you took this day trip, and why you’d recommend it! I’ll definitely need to grab a sangria from Bar de Guincho, and make a stop at Belem Tower

      Taiss Nowrouzi

      I hope you get a chance to enjoy this place like we did!

    Alberto C

    I’ve been to Lisbon in multiple occasions but I’ve actually never been in Cascais! I will definitely include it in my next visit, the beach looks great! What to say about the Pasteis de Belem, by far my favourite pastry!

    By the way, you didn’t miss much inside the Belem Tower. The outside is beautiful, but the visit inside doesn’t have that much to offer.

      Taiss Nowrouzi

      oh good to know that the inside is ok to miss. I wonder how the view is from up there?!


    I’ve read tons of posts on Lisbon recently; it’s becoming quite a popular travel destination. I’d love to spend a few days in the city and then visit the quieter places, like Cascais and Belem.

    I love the beach, so I totally get ditching the bikes and Ubering to have more free time enjoying gorgeous ocean views! Not to mention, skipping the next day’s aches and pains from all that cycling! Lol

      Taiss Nowrouzi

      haha! Yes, we were not interested in getting sore the following day! LOL


    Portugal isn’t exactly on my bucket list at the moment, but your post certainly makes me reconsider that. Cascais looks like a fantastic place to get out from the city and enjoy some culture and admire the spectacular architecture of the Belem Tower amongst others.

      Taiss Nowrouzi

      Well glad to know that after reading this you may want to visit. Lisbon is great but if you are there multiple days, it’s nice to have an option to venture out and discover some great places around the coast!


    Hi guys,
    you are a beautiful couple 🙂
    I would like to do what you have done, an incredible adventurous life.
    Portugal is on my bucket-list and I hope to plan a trip there soon, maybe during this spring or summer and wanna see all the country.
    Thanks for your tips, I will keep them in mind.

      Taiss Nowrouzi

      Hi There! Aww thanks so much!! 🙂
      We love traveling so we work hard to keep up with it as much as possible! I hope you reach your goals! Let us know how your trip to Portugal goes! We only saw a small part of it, but there are so many great parts so I hope you can get to them all!

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