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Your search for fun things to do in Las Vegas for couples has brought you to the right place! We've been to Las Vegas numerous times since our home base in California is just an hour flight away. Having experienced many weekend getaways, 21st birthdays, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and romantic couples' trips in Las Vegas has given us a good idea of what we'd recommend for fun things to do.

fun things to do in Las Vegas for couples - Casinos at Night

There are so many fantastic things to do on and off the Vegas Trip that it would be ridiculous to try to list everything in one article. However, we want to focus this post on just some our hand-picked favorite things to do as a couple.

We'll give you a nice variety of options including some free things to do and some budget-friendly choices so you can have fun and not spend a ton of money doing it!

Aside from gambling, there are some great things to do during the day, whether it's the middle of summer, or the Las Vegas winter and everything in between, we've got you covered!

Fun In Las Vegas -  Things To do For Couples

The Shows. I'm not sure if the Las Vegas shows get the attention they deserve from visitors and potential guests. Most of the time, people are interested in the gambling and the drinking.

What if you're not that into either of those?

fun things to do in Las Vegas for free - Welcome Sign Attraction

Don't be discouraged from visiting this amazing destination just because you don't partake in those activities. There's so much more to Las Vegas than that! Just like how there's much more to New York State than Manhattan! 

Our top thing to do each and every time we visit is to catch a show. We usually try to go for one we have not been to before just to see what it's like. While the shows are not cheap, there are some that are less expensive than others.

To be honest, they are worth the price!

There's a lot of talent at these shows and a lot goes into the production of them. One that really blew us away was Ka at MGM Grand Hotel and Casino. The stage, the acrobatics, it was all so entertaining. They made you feel like you were in the show without leaving your seat! absolutely thrilling to watch!

There are tons of shows to pick from so you can decide which works for you. Some choices include acrobatics, magic, musicals, and comedy. Pick one and do it! We would say this is a must when you're visiting "Sin City."

Looking for a place to stay?? Check availability and pricing here.

fun things to do in Las Vegas for couples - High Roller

Fun Couples Things To Do During The Day

Helicopter Tour Grand Canyon: Ok so this is probably one of the more expensive (and crazy) things to do on your visit, but if you love flying and seeing things from above, then THIS is the thing for you! We booked (and paid for in full) our flight with Maverick Helicopter Tours. Their Grand Canyon Landing Tour was absolutely thrilling!  It was a few hours long and included views of the Vegas Strip from above, Hoover Dam, and a landing inside the Grand Canyon! Hands down this was the most memorable highlight of our last trip! If you don't have that much time (or don't want to spend close to $500 a person, they do have other options, so it's worth a look.

fun things to do in Las Vegas for couples - Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour

Ice Bar - Minus5°: At Madalay Bay (There's one in Venetian and Monte Carlo as well) there's a bar where everything's made of ice! This place was particularly fun when we visited in the middle of summer for my brother's 21st birthday. Once you enter the bar you'll notice that the chandelier, seats, walls and even your drink cup is all glass! They give you a parka and gloves so you don't freeze your butt off and you can even get a souvenir had from there! It's a fun experience that is not found in many places so go and enjoy a couple of drinks in this unique bar if you get a chance!


Gondola Ride At Venetian: We just had to try the out gondola ride at the Venetian Hotel. They offer rides that are either indoor or outdoor and both provide a lovely, romantic setting. We chose the outdoor ride and were serenaded by the gondolier as we drifted along enjoying the scenery around us! If you're looking to get all warm and fuzzy with your significant other, this is a fantastic romantic activity that you should consider! Just strolling around, hand in hand, at this little replica of the canals of Venice is a fun thing to do with your partner! Some say it's the most romantic thing to do in Las Vegas!

Ride The High Roller Observation Wheel: If you don't get a chance to go on a helicopter ride this is probably the next best thing when it comes to jaw-dropping views of the Las Vegas Strip! We first noticed the High Roller a couple of years ago on a visit to attend a convention. It was January so it was a bit cold. The good thing was that this time of year is a lot less crowded than the summer months, so we decided to go on a ride last minute and there was no line at all! In fact, we were the only ones in our cabin! Having the whole cabin to ourselves for the 30-minute ride was romantic and fun to say the least! This is the highest observation deck in the world, so take that London and Singapore Flyer!

fun things to do in Las Vegas for couples - High Roller Observation Wheel

Fun At The Pool - The pool parties in Vegas typically start in May and go until August. Our favorites are a couple of options at the MG Grand. There's the We t Republic Pool Party as well as the Lazy River at this hotel. Both are fun depending on your mood. Keep in mind that they do get packed in the summer heat so going on the shoulder months might be a better choice if you want to have a bit more space and relaxation at the pools.

Red Rock Canyon - I had never realized there were great outdoor activities not too far from The Strip. ABout a 20-minute drive will get you out to see some very cool nature. If you're the active type, you should allow some time for hiking at Red Rock Canyon. The rock formations and colors are just gorgeous out there. We didn't have much time on our last visit so we opted to do the 13 mile Scenic Drive (it took us 30-minutes and we only stopped at two of the viewpoints) loop drive by car.

It was great just driving through and checking out the landscape. I will definitely plan a full day here next time we are in Las Vegas. The hiking looked amazing and I just wouldn't miss it again! There's even some cool rock climbing at this National Park!

fun things to do in Las Vegas for couples - Red Rock Canyon

Las Vegas Free & Low Cost Stuff If You're On A Budget

The below are just some of our favorite things to see every time we make our way over to Las Vegas.

  • Fremont Street Experience - This is a classic Old Las Vegas experience that I just never get tired of. I've seen it a ton of times and always love the show. As a kid it was mesmerizing to stare up at this curved overhead giant screen that spans the length of five football fields. The canopy covers the pedestrian street connecting the old casinos and shops. You can even zip line the length at Slotzilla! For some off-the-strip entertainment that is open 24 hours, make sure to go over to the Fremont Street Experience. The light shows can average around six minutes and there can sometimes be live performances that are also free to watch!
fun things to do in Las Vegas for free - Fremont Street Experience
  • Bellagio Fountains - Another one of my all-time favorites in Vegas! The fountains light and sound show in front of the Bellagio Hotel & Casino is great for couples or any visitor, really. It's a free show where the fountains seem to dance to the beat of the music. During the busy season you might have to time your arrival for a good view, but at other time you can just show up and find a spot on the edge and enjoy the show.
  • fun things to do in Las Vegas for free - Belaggio Fountain Show
  • Welcome To Fabulous LV Sign - I had always seen photos of people posing next to this sign but never bothered to actually go to it myself. There is pretty much always a line to take a photo in front of it, but we just sneaked to the side and took our photo from a different angle. We were sure not to ruin anyone's picture and took ours quickly without having to wait in line.
  • fun things to do in Las Vegas for couples - welcome sign
  • Seven Magic Mountains - As far as I know, this art installation may not be there after May of 2018 but just wanted to throw the picture on here so our readers could see it even if it goes away.
  • fun things to do in Las Vegas off the strip - 7 magic mountains

    Drink and Dine Vegas Style

    Sushi Roku - We think this is the best sushi we've ever had! Cool atmosphere and great food, making this place a perfect date night spot!

    Monami Gabi, Hexx, Alexxa - The food and atmosphere are great at these restaurants. They are right across the street from the Bellagio fountains and are great for people watching as well! Alexxa has some incredible and unique cocktails that are fun to try while chatting with your partner. The Sangrias are my favorite!

    fun things to do in Las Vegas for couples - dining and drinks

    The Chandelier - The Chandelier Lounge inside the Cosmopolitan is a must-see even if you are not into going to bars or drinking. The hip and romantic vibe of this lounge is the perfect place for a cocktail or two for couples on a night out. You can choose between the bottom, inside, or top of the chandelier depending on your mood and needs. In any case, the sparkling curtain of beads designed like a giant chandelier engulfs you and is sure to provide a unique lounge experience.

    fun things to do in Las Vegas for couples - The Chandelier Lounge

    We've also got the best places to go for Romantic getaways in Northern California for those extended their travels after Las Vegas. Visit California for more romance and fun!

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    Bruce Schinkel

    I love visiting Vegas for many of the reasons you’ve outlined in this post! Haven’t done the Ice Bar yet, but hopefully on my next trip 🙂'
      Taiss Nowrouzi

      Lot’s of great things to experience there! Hope you enjoy the ice bar next time you go! It’s nice to check out something so different!'

    I would definitely look forward to the Bellagio fountain and the helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon. I’ve wanted to visit Vegas for a long time. Thanks for the inspiration.'
      Taiss Nowrouzi

      Hope you get to see them both soon!'
    Kavita Favelle

    Aaah, Las Vegas! One of the most fun OTT places I’ve ever been to! Hadn’t thought of it as a romantic destination before but you have some great ideas on that front, particularly the gondola ride and the high roller observation wheel. I think the shows and the great restaurants are also a great bet for spending quality couple time together.'
      Taiss Nowrouzi

      Yep! The top-notch places to dine and world-famous shows sure do the trick!'

    Good to know that there are a lot of things to do in Las Vegas aside from the gambling and drinking! Personally, I’d love to try the helicopter tour at the Grand Canyon and to watch some shows in the city. I’m sure the shows are spectacular! The Seven Magic Mountains sounds pretty cool too!'
      Taiss Nowrouzi

      Yeah the shows are my absolute favorite part!'

    Great blog, I am visiting Las Vegas in July, I will be trying all your recommendations for sure. Especially food and wine at The Chandelier Lounge that looks amazing. It sounds like you two lovebirds had an excellent time.'
      Taiss Nowrouzi

      Yeah we really did! The Chandelier will blow you away and is so extravagant! Hope you have a wonderful time! Let us know if you have any questions!'

    This is awesome.. we went to vegas couple of years back managed to do all of these. Loved Vegas thoroughly. Thanks for sharing.'
      Taiss Nowrouzi

      That’s so great you had a good time there! Thanks for the comment!'
    Adrenaline Romance

    The helicopter tour and the hike along the Grand Canyon are awesome! We would definitely love to try that. My father and a few relatives live in California, but once a month, they drive to Las Vegas. Who would blame them for their regular visits? The city is absolutely gorgeous, especially at night when the city lights turn on.'
      Taiss Nowrouzi

      The helicopter ride is certainly a nice treat! Yeah, Las Vegas is a fun town to visit once in a while and have some fun!'

    Las Vegas is a superb place, and more suitable destination for couples. I enjoyed this list of fun activities.'
      Taiss Nowrouzi

      Thank you! They are loads of fun things to do there for visitors!

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