Best Travel Wallets For Women

Are you tired of being afraid while traveling? Many people are constantly scared of pickpockets and thieves who make it impossible to enjoy traveling.

However, a few items can make your trips more enjoyable and relaxed. Among such is a travel wallet; a simple way to secure your belongings the next time you’re traveling.

best travel wallet womens

Nonetheless, people often think that a travel wallet is just an oversized wallet designed as a commercial gimmick to make you spend more money. And for those who rarely travel, that usually turns out to be the case.

But if you're frequently traveling, especially for business, travel wallets are a necessity. They help avoid awkward situations, in which you'd go through your bag looking for money, passport, or whatever else.

Take a minute to read the article below if you want to discover more about the topic. We’ve reviewed some of the best travel wallets for women and shared some interesting info on why you need one.

Best Features RFID Blocking Go To Product
Lavemi Women Travel Wallet Lots of slots for credit cards


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Kate Spade Grand Street Wallet & Clutch Made with quality materials


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Michael Kors Women's Jet Set Continental Compatible With iPhone 7 Plus/8 Plus


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Family Holder Wallet Case Wristlet Fits up to 4 passports, tickets, money, travel documents, pen, phone


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Leather Travel Wallet & Passport Holder: Quality leather, Holds 4 passports


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Chalk Family Genuine Leather Passport Case Crafted with Ever Lasting Naturally Milled Leather, Holds 4 passports


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 What exactly makes it a womens travel wallet?

Essentially, they are oversized wallets that might just be a bit more than that. Travel wallets are designed to help you keep all your essentials organized. 

These keep things like money, ID, passport, and travel-related documents safe, and easily accessible to you only. 

Traveling abroad means you'll be carrying a lot of additional things that you might not need daily. For that reason, carrying the everyday wallet that you use at home might not be a good idea.

Those made for traveling are usually bigger though that's not a general rule. They have more compartments, allowing you to better organize different currencies, travel documents, and ATM cards.

Some also come with RFID or other types of protection, making it unlikely you could become a victim of electronic theft.

So, if you're frequently traveling, travel wallets are a sound investment, as they keep your essentials in one spot, making your journey more comfortable.

Picking a suitable piece should be among your priorities when getting ready. Still, you should consider a few important factors before you purchase any particular model.

womens travel wallet

Womens Travel Wallet Organizer - Top 6 Reviewed

Lavemi Women Travel Wallet

With a significant number of pockets, slots, and compartments, this one provides more than enough space for all your cards, cash, and documents. Not only spacious, but stylish as well, this accessory is available in a variety of colors, including black, coffee, dark pink, navy blue, and much more. 

It measures 8.5x4.3x1.0 inches in total and has a wristlet strap which allows you to carry it in your hand with ease.

The inside is quite roomy, considering the external measurements. Opening the zipper reveals 17 credit card slots on the inside, plus one ID slot with a central cutout.

On the other side, you'll find three currency pockets with one zipper pocket for change, a pen loop, and several smaller pockets. Thanks to its size, you can easily fit your phone inside, along with your money, cards, and passport.

This premium wallet is made of 100% genuine leather with a pebbled finish. The leather is of top grade and feels luxurious and comfortable. Also, it’s equipped with a proprietary blocking material that blocks RDIF signals, protecting valuable information stored on your cards and chips.

  • Good materials
  • Variety of colors making it a cute travel wallet
  • Practical and functional design
  • RFID blocking
  • Kate Spade Grand Street 

    This gorgeous continental wallet from Kate Spade has all the space you might need. It’s also quite stylish and sleek-looking. The sheer size of this piece allows you to neatly organize all your cards, IDs, passport, and travel documents.

    It’s made of embossed cowhide leather, featuring a 14-karat light gold-tone polished details. On top of that, it has a sturdy zipper all the way around, which allows you to open it flat. Doing this reveals a roomy interior, lined with a custom weaved lining. The interior features seventeen card slots, for various credit cards, ID’s and similar items, plus a clear ID slot.

    This wallet also features dual-zippered compartments, two open billfold pockets, and a pen loop on the inside, as well as an exterior slide pocket. The great thing is that it’s pretty spacious, so you can fit two passports if you're traveling with someone.

  • High quality
  • Pretty roomy and practical
  • Designer piece, cute travel wallet

    Michael Kors Women’s Jet Set Continental Wristlet

    This designer wallet/purse is available in several different colors. It comes with or without a wristlet, allowing you to choose depending on which suits you better. Whichever you choose, you won't be disappointed with the style and quality Michael Kors has to offer.

    The inside is quite spacious, offering seventeen card slots, and multiple slip pockets. Plus, one slot features a cutout center for your ID. You can store all your paper currency and travel documents in some of the five available slip pockets.

    Of course, there’s a separate zipper compartment which keeps the coins and change from running loose inside the wallet. There’s a ton of room on the inside, and you can even fit your phone if you like.

    This highly functional and fashionable wallet is made of 100% cross-grain leather, with pale gold accents. It has a zipper, which is also light gold-toned, stiff, rigid, and durable, so you won't have any difficulty with fastening. 

    Michael Kors Continental Wristlet offers premium quality and is arguably one of the best travel wallets for women on the market.

  • Premium quality, great materials
  • Plenty of room
  • Fashionable and stylish ladies travel wallet

    Apadi Rose Gold Travel Wallet

    At first glance, this one might look more like a smaller, yet extremely fashionable handbag. Still, this leather-made holder uses the inside space well, allowing you to fit all your travel documents inside.

    The travel organizer wallet features an external open pocket that’s easily accessible for keeping your money or phone at hand. On the inside, you'll find three larger slots, for passports and travel tickets, six credit card slots, an ID slot, and several other compartments.

    There's an internal zipped compartment for coins, one hidden pocket for sorting two more passports or money, and a pen loop.

    The entire piece is made of high-quality PU leather, featuring a removable wristlet. It’s designed with an RFID-blocking feature, making it immune to scanners. This helps keep your documents and credit cards as secure as possible.

  • Stylish and affordable
  • Multiple pockets and slots
  • RFID blocking

    Excello Travel Wallet & Passport Holder

    This one is fantastic if you're traveling with your family, or as a part of a group. It offers impressive storage capacity since it can store up to four passports, along with your money, tickets, and cards.

    The Excello travel organizer wallet is quite elegant and sleek-looking. The material used for both interior and exterior is genuine split-grain leather, with sturdy stitching. As a result, the piece offers a premium-quality feel.

    It also has a top-quality, all-around zipper that’s quite durable, so you can expect it to serve you for a long time.

    The interior design is somewhat similar to other travel wallets. In other words, you’ll find four medium slots for passports and thicker documents, and six smaller slots for credit cards and IDs.

    Also, there are two large pockets and an elastic pen loop. The two large pockets are quite versatile since you can use them for anything from cash and receipts to any other documents.

    Excello Travel Wallet & Passport Holder is an amazing, durable product that will serve you for more than just a few trips.

  • Good materials, premium design
  • Can fit four passports
  • Durable

    Chalk Factory Leather Wallet

    Chalk Factory is known for making products of outstanding quality, and this travel wallet is no exception. It’s exquisite and sturdy, made from genuine leather, coupled with solid stitching which offers premium quality.

    This one comes equipped with all-round YKK high-quality zippers, which won’t break even when the wallet is packed. On the inside, it has a roomy interior, which can house up to 4 passports, making this product suitable for family or group trips.

    Beside passport slots, this one has six card slots for credit cards and IDs, and two separate compartments for paper currency and other travel documents.

    It comes in several different colors, but it doesn’t sport any RFID blocking layers, leaving you vulnerable to potential RFID-related theft.

    If you're looking for an elegant and durable product, backed up by a lifetime warranty, Chalk Factory leather wallet might be your best option.

  • Elegant design, great materials
  • Durable, with a lifetime warranty
  • Can fit up to four passports
  • What to look for in a ladies travel wallet

    There are various types of travel wallets for women. Besides looking aesthetically pleasing, which is important to the ladies, the model of your choice should also include several features and functions. So, what exactly should you look for?

    Security – Security is the most crucial aspect of your wallet as with any travel gear that holds our essentials, like cash and documents. RDIF-related crime is rare, but not unheard of, so opting for a product with RDIF protection might be a good idea.

    Materials – Opting for a water-proof or water-resistant material can be a good thing, though many consider it an unnecessary feature. A water-resistant model is better at keeping your money, passport, and other documents dry in case of an accident. 

    Size – There are various sizes for you to choose based on your needs. Bigger ones usually offer more space and help you organize your stuff better. Still, there are situations in which a smaller model makes more sense. Either way, you should choose a product that is well suited for your travel needs.

    Compartments and pockets – Besides the usual compartments and pockets that standard models have to offer, travel wallets usually feature more pockets and compartments. Having more pockets and compartments is quite beneficial since it helps you organize your stuff better. They also grant you quicker and easier access to your important papers and documents.

    Style –Choosing a good-looking model that fits your style is essential. However, keep in mind that design and style come second, compared to functions and safety features.

    Hopefully, you now have an idea of what to look for. Take a moment to look at the list of best travel wallets for women.

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