The 6 Best Restaurants in Nimman, Chiang Mai

June 29, 2016

It should come as no surprise for those that know us (even a little bit) that we are huge foodies. You could even say that we choose our travel destinations, at times, based on the food that we love or want to try. One of the biggest factors in choosing our first apartment in Thailand was the ease of accessibility to good eats. We found the hip Nimman neighborhood (The main crossroad is Nimmanhaeminda Road, hence the name...) as a great fit for us for this very reason. Living on Soi 15 gave us the ability to walk to tons of great cafes and restaurants. We had a chance to make some of the best restaurants in Nimman our regular spots. Our favorites might become yours. Here's a list of our top 5 restaurants in the Nimman area of Chiang Mai.

Jagajee & Bar Fry

Soi 15 - Open 12pm to 10pm - Best Meal: at least 5 Tapas & Spanish Fries

It's only appropriate to start off with a place that offers small bites with big taste. This little place gives your taste buds the thrill of a lifetime. You don't have to have a big appetite to really enjoy their ever changing plethora of tapas. Whether you are looking for a "little something" to snack on or a light meal, you wont have to sacrifice quality and taste. They offer a full menu of gourmet fries. This is a must! We are addicted to the Spanish fries that are served with jalapeños and special sauces that are absolutely mouth watering. We tend to always order the fries along with about 4-6 tapas. At the 50 baht per tapas price, you never think about the bill so the focus is just on enjoying the wonderful selection.

Jagajee and Bar Fry Nimman Chiang Mai

Why Not? Italian Restaurant & Wine Bar

Soi 11- Open 5pm to 11pm - Best Meal: Meat lover's pizza & Tiramisu

Seriously, why not? Why not have a nice meal every once in a while. Not that other meals aren't "nice" ( We love us some Thai street food on the regular). I'm just saying that this place has a wonderful ambiance (without the snooty factor). With their outdoor patio seating, romantic candle lighting, and delicious Italian fair, you'll feel like it was a celebratory dinner any time you go. The pizza is thin crust and delicious! They have a wide variety of pasta dishes as well that all look wonderful. Whatever you order, pair it with a nice glass of wine and finish off with their home-made gelato and Tiramisu. You will leave perfectly content.

Why Not? Italian Restaurant Nimman Chiang Mai

 Accha Indian Restaurant

Soi 9 - Open 11amto 10pm, Mondays 4pm to 10pm - Best Meal: Chicken Tikka Masala

Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, we both have had our share of very good Indian food. Having that background has really spoiled our taste buds with all sorts of ethnic foods being available to us back home. So, when it came to trying this little place, we were a bit hesitant at first. Not only is a bit hidden and hard to notice as a restaurant, we just we'rent sure they would deliver. After hearing from our friends that this was the place for good Indian food, we decided to give it a try. We were impressed right from the moment we sat down. The service was sincere and warm, the decor and dishware were authentic and stylish, and the food just knocked it all out of the park! If you love Indian food, this is a MUST try!!!

best resuarants Chiang Mai- accha indian restaurant Nimman

Beast Burger

Soi 17 - Open 5pm to 9pm, Closed Sundays - Best Meal: Cheeseburger & Fries

So, just to give you a bit of history on this joint: It used to be a food truck! Yup, last year, you could not miss it as you walked on Nimmanhaemin Road. They had a little food truck and a couple of fold-out tables, but they served a mean burger. It was nice having this burger joint so close to make us feel more "at home." What really made it feel like we were back in California was how much the burger resembles the famous In-N-Out Burger. We would say it's a mix of In-N-Out and Five Guys, in the way it looks and tastes. Well, I guess we weren't the only ones that loved it. Their popularity caused them to outgrow the truck and move into a restaurant on soi 17. They just recently added lunch hours. We are super excited about that!

beast burger- best restaurant nimman, chiang mai

Rustic & Blue

Soi 7 - Open 8:30am to 5pm, Sat & Sun 8:30am to 10pm - Best Meal: Brunch & a magically concocted beverage

We are absolutely in love with this place! It's also been featured in our post of best cafes in Nimman. Not only do they serve amazing beverages (coffee, juice, even alcoholic beverages!), but you can get one of the best brunches in Chiang Mai here! So, of course, they are on our list of the best restaurants in Nimman. Their food is presented beautifully, almost like a piece of art! It's pretty obvious that the folks here know exactly how to do food, but they also put A LOT of creativity in their masterpieces. The ingredients they use in the combinations they create give your taste buds the most delightful awakening. If you stop by for brunch, we would recommend the chorrizo burger or the Eggs Benedict. The portions are enormous, so come hungry!

Rustic and Blue Nimman Chiang Mai

Khao Soi 13

Soi 13 - Open ? - Best Meal: Chicken Khao Soi & Fried Rice with Pork

This Khao Soi restaurant on Soi 13 has some delicious bowls of Khao Soi for those interested in a taste of Northern Thailand cousine. If you've never had this yummy noodle soup, we would highly recommend trying it for the first time at this spot. They have many different kinds of Khao Soi, but our go-to is always the chicken. While the bowls look deceivingly small, you get pretty full with all the thick egg noodles and meat they put in there. If you feel like you need even more, go ahead and order their fried rice. 

best restaurants nimman - Khao Soi

Oh, and make sure you add to you Khao Soi all the "fix'ns" they give you on the side. The pickles veggies and lime add a nice touch to an already delish meal!   So next time you are in Chiang Mae, take a Red Truck or Tuk Tuk over to Nimmanhaeminda Road and check out all the great places to eat along the different Sois. You'll also find some great little shops and dessert spots along the way, so don't be surprised if you end up spending at least a half day here! 

Do you have any of these on your list of favorites? Anything you want to tell us about? Leave a comment. We'd love to hear from you!  

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