Best Location In Singapore To Stay – A Great Hostel In Boat Quay

what area to stay in singapore - Boat Quay 5Foot Inn Hostel

Singapore is one of the smallest countries that we have visited to date. For it’s tiny island size, however, it offers an incredible dense amount of things to see and do.

You may even assume that no matter where you stay on this Southeast Asian island, you’ll be in a great location.

While that may be true if you don’t mind taking a taxi everywhere, we would suggest Boat Quay as the best location to stay in while visiting Singapore.

This is the best area for several factors. The location of Boat Quay allows visitors the convenience of walking to many of the nearby attractions.

For the best place to stay right in Boat Quay, look no further that 5Foot Way Inn. This hostel is a hidden little gem that gives you the most value for your money in Singapore.

And we all know that Singapore isn’t exactly a budget friendly place compared to other Southeast Asian countries.

Best Place To Stay – 5Footway.inn Project Boat Quay

Part of the largest boutique hostel chain in Singapore, the 5Footway.inn Project Boat Quay is a perfect place to set yourself up when exploring Singapore.

Not only is it in a very convenient and picturesque location, but it’s also a great way to get to know a little bit about Singapore.

best area to stay in singapore - 5footwayinn boat quay

Many may think that traveling to Singapore requires a big budget. While it is a bit pricier than the other Southeast Asian countries, there are ways to get the most value for your money.

The 5Footway.Inn gives travelers on a smaller budget a chance to be able to enjoy Singapore.

I would not hesitate to say that this hostel is a huge value considering the location and convenience it provides visitors.

This cute little hostel, located in the row of old shophouses at Boat Quay offer some very interesting insight into the history and character of Singapore.

Additionally, you may even be able to learn some “Singlish” during your stay!

best location in singapore to stay- 5footway.inn boat quay

Those staying at this hostel MUST walk around its labyrinth hallways and check out some of the artwork on the property.

Taking a moment to observe and read some of the explanations about the art pieces will give you a greater understanding of the history of Singapore as well as the nature and style of this hostel.

Trust me; it’s all very interesting!

image 8329250 10781857This Location In Singapore

One of the best aspects of our stay at 5Footway.inn PBQ was getting to know a little bit about this area’s history and important position in how Singapore was shaped.

At one point the Singapore River was just a swamp full of dense mangroves.

The charming shophouses and warehouses that now give so much character to this area along the river were once part of the center of (very prosperous) trade for the area.

You can still enjoy some of this beauty and celebrated heritage today at 5Footway.inn Project Boat Quay.

Though restorations have modernized this location, some of the best features are still intact (like the doors to the terrace).

best location in singapore to stay-Terrace art gallery at 5footway inn

Why Boat Quay Is The Best Area To Stay In Singapore

What gives this area its appeal (other than being the best location in Singapore) is how the restored shophouses facing the river are juxtaposed with the modern skyscrapers behind them, creating an intriguing skyline.

best location to stay in singapore - 5footway inn boat quay hostel

Although the river no longer delivers trade goods used for commercial purposes, Boat Quay is still a hub for the workers in the nearby businesses to hang out as well as a place for tourists to enjoy dining and entertainment.

Lining the river, these restaurants provide an electric nightlife for visitors and locals alike.

Additionally, the bumboats running back and forth on the river are great way to sight-see and get around for tourists.

The Rooms And Amenities

In typical hostel style, the rooms here are minimalistic and provide only what is necessary for a traveler without all the fuss.

The beds are clean and super comfortable, allowing one to get some much-needed rest after a full day of checking out the sites.

what area to stay in singapore - Boat Quay 5footwayinn

Shared bathroom and shower facilities provide a weary traveler to clean up after a long day out and about.

The men and women facilities are separate, of course, and the toilets are also separate from the shower area.

I liked that having to use the bathroom didn’t mean that I also had to be in the same room as someone having a steamy shower.

My favorite area of the hostel was the terrace. Not only do you get amazing views of the Singapore River and skyline, but you also get to see the famous Marina Bay Sands from a different perspective.

Whether enjoying your breakfast here of just hanging out with a cup of coffee of tea, the terrace lets you enjoy the wonderful Boat Quay scene, during the day or evening.

Additionally, the terrace/dining room is a very cool art gallery. You are exposed to some beautiful imagery whether you look outside or inside!

what area to stay in singapore - Boat Quay 5footwayinn

Oh, and did I mention they have an endless supply of coffee available on the terrace?! Yes, that is definitely a plus!

Another aspect of the rooms here that we loved were the international plugs provided. This was super convenient and practical. It’s the small things that make a big difference, right?!

The staff at this hostel were extremely friendly and kind. We have been to some hostels where the staff made us feel like we were a bother to them.

Just because a guest is at a hostel and isn’t paying through the nose doesn’t mean that the staff can’t just be nice, right?! Well, they’ve got that figured out here.

We showed up super early, hoping to just drop off our bags. The staff member that helped us looked for a clean room and allowed us to check in.

This gave us a chance to regroup and rest for a minute before heading out again. It was a nice touch that she escorted us to our room and explained where everything was.

Fun Fact: 5 Foot ways refer to the sidewalk area outside of shophouses (dated back from colonial times) that are 5 feet in width from the shop front to the street.

What To Do In Boat Quay Area

Some of the attractions in this area that you can easily walk to:

  1. Merlion Park
  2. Raffles Hotel
  3. Clarke Quay
  4. Esplanade Park
  5. Anderson Bridge
  6. Asian Civilisations Museum

Check out our full guide of the top things you must see while visiting Singapore

best area in Singapore - Boat Quay Hostel
76 Boat Quay, 
Singapore 049864

Or find them online:

Our readers can get a 10% discount when they book directly with 5footway.inn. Email promo code “TTW10” to to book your reservation. This code is valid for booking and staying before November 2017.

We hope that this article helps our readers find the best area to stay in Singapore.

In our opinion this is the best location to stay due to how convenient it is to get to many of the attractions and things to see.

It’s also perfect for those who want a place to stay in a lively area that has a lot to offer without having to go anywhere.

Best Location In Singapore To Stay - A Great Hostel In Boat Quay

Disclosure: We were guests of the 5Footway.inn for this stay. All of the opinions stated above are our own. We only review hotels and resorts if we feel they will be good places for our viewers and only write about locations that meet our high expectations as guests. Please note that this is not a sponsored post, but the links above may include affiliate links. If you make a purchase through one of our links, we could get a small commission at no extra cost to you.

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  1. Lizzie Jones Avatar
    Lizzie Jones

    Pinning this for when I get round to visiting Singapore.

    I absolutely love quirky and different types of accomodation so this is perfect, thanks so much for writing it!

    1. Taiss Nowrouzi Avatar
      Taiss Nowrouzi

      Well, I think you will like this place when you visit!

  2. sabs Avatar

    This looks like an interesting place to stay. Singapore can be quite expensive, will keep this place in mind for my next trip there!

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      Taiss Nowrouzi

      cool! Thanks for reading!

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    Oh cool ???? I stayed in 5 Footway Inn in chinatown in Singapore and loved it there as well! I think they’re a very good chain. Next time I will there I will check out this own as well

    1. Taiss Nowrouzi Avatar
      Taiss Nowrouzi

      We stayed in that one too! both are awesome locations but different vibes. Very nice!

  4. Flo Avatar

    That terrace is stunning! This sounds like a fun and convenient place to stay in Singapore – do you know if they have private or single rooms as well?

    1. Taiss Nowrouzi Avatar
      Taiss Nowrouzi

      Yes, super convenient! They do have private single rooms.

  5. oursweetadventures Avatar

    Singapore has always been somewhere that I have wanted to visit. I especially want to see the Marina Bay Sands as I work in hotels and casinos and this is a dream location. The hostel does seem very nice from your description and friendly as well. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Taiss Nowrouzi Avatar
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      I come from a hotel background as well and Really enjoyed visiting the MBS!

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    Loved Singapore! And you are so right, it’s great to have a place to stay around the quay, since it’s a nice part of the city to spend time in. Thanks for the suggestion! :)

    1. Taiss Nowrouzi Avatar
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      Yes, it was very enjoyable! Thanks for reading!

  7. Stephanie Fox Avatar
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    I dont think I’d really appreciated just how small Singapore is! It looks a great location to use as a base and get out and explore. Love the old green doors!

    1. Taiss Nowrouzi Avatar
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      yeah those doors were pretty cool considering they are also 200 years old!

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    Singapore seems like a great destination. Very useful tips, Rob and Taiss!

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      I’m glad you liked our tips! hope you visit there and love it as much as we did!

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