Tips For Your First Time Going To Jordan – Is Petra Safe To Visit?

is Jordan a safe country to visit - Amman View

If you’ve been thinking about going to Jordan, now is the time to do it!

I know that some may have concerns such as whether travel to Jordan is safe or, more specifically, if Petra is safe to visit.

The safety of tourists and positive image of tourism is a high priority in the country as a huge part of their economy depends on it.

Travel safety information can be found on several official websites for those looking to get all of the details.

In this article we aim to share our first-hand experience of traveling in Jordan for three days.  

In short, we felt safe there on our entire visit. We especially enjoyed our time at Petra and never had any reason to doubt our safety there.

Is Petra Safe To Visit?

When we first told our friends and family that we were visiting the Middle East, we could sense they had concerns for our safety. They probably wished we didn’t go.

Even though they never actually told us not to go, they did ask if the area is safe. They even tried to hint that we go somewhere in Europe instead!

is Petra safe to visit- Treasury, Jordan

Sometimes an opportunity arrives, and you know you just have to take it. This was such an opportunity.

To be in an ancient part of the world with fascinating natural wonders and mind-blowing landscapes was just too good to pass up.

With a place like Petra being in Jordan (yes, one of the Seven Wonders Of The World!), we had to see and experience this for ourselves.

travel to Jordan safe - Petra

Jordan, one of the most popular Arab countries among tourists, has good relations with its neighboring countries as well as the rest of the world.

This Muslim country has some of the most hospitable and kind people we have ever met.

Is Jordan Safe For Travel?

Our time in Jordan proved to us that there are a lot of misconceptions that are formed by people about such places.

Even though there are some areas around Jordan that may have safety issues at this time, this country itself is very stable and safe, from what we experienced.

Jordan safe visit - entering Roman Ruins of Jerash near Amman

We would certainly go back if the opportunity arises again.

Because it was our first visit to Jordan and we had no background in this area, we decided to go with a tour agency. All of our visits in Jordan, including Petra, were with a guide.

However, we know now that we could have done everything on our own. Meeting people in our Bedouin camp ensured us that it’s easy and safe to go around the country without a guide.

In retrospect, we would have booked our flight back home out of Jordan rather than Israel. Our trip had started in Israel and after our three days in Jordan, we had to fly out of Israel again.

The only reason we went back was to catch our flight. However, we should have just planned to leave straight from Jordan to avoid having to go through the border again.

The land border crossing was a very lengthy process and we could have easily avoided the hassle if we had planned a bit better.

So, our recommendation to anyone vising the attractions in Israel before going to Jordan would be to leave from the Amman airport so you don’t have to cross the land border twice.

travel to Jordan safe - Wadi Rum Desert Bedouin Camp

Talking to other visitors who were traveling alone or with friends and family makes us confident that we could have done everything on our own, with no issues.

It’s also worth mentioning that the level of English spoken in Jordan is high.

Getting around and communicating with proficient English speakers here is a lot easier than other places we have traveled.

Our Three days there were quite short. To properly see everything in Jordan, another 5 or six days would have been sufficient.

For instance, the city of Amman looked like it has a lot to offer from what we could see just passing through.

is travel to Jordan safe - streets of Amman

Travel Tips For Those Thinking About A Visit To Jordan:

  1. Stay in A Bedouin Camp rather than a hotel if you are going to see Petra.
  2. Dress modestly. Avoid wearing short shorts and spaghetti strap shirts. (this also helps protect your skin from the sun!).
  3. Wear comfortable shoes. You could be doing lots of walking and hiking if you want to see everything.
  4. Dress in light layers. Early and late day can be very chilly, while midday is hot. A shawl will come in handy!
  5. Wear a hat and protect your skin.
  6. Stay hydrated.
  7. You can negotiate prices.
  8. Keep in mind that souvenirs and “touristy things” are not that cheap, so budget wisely.
  9. Some vendors are better than others. If you get a bad feeling about dealing with someone, walk away. You will be able to find a better person to deal with.
  10. Visiting Petra: The school field trips and big groups lessen as the day goes by. Wait to visit the Treasury at the end if you want pictures with fewer people in them. Visit the areas further away from the Siq first.
  11. There is modern infrastructure in place (no, it’s not just deserts and camels) – Paved roads, skyscrapers, hospitals, high-end hotels and restaurant all exists.
  12. Try the food; it’s delicious!
Jordan a SAFE country to visit - dessert in Amman
travel to Jordan SAFE - Jordanean food

Jordan Tourism And Travel Safety

We honestly believe that those who want to visit Jordan will absolutely love it there.

As always, we would encourage travelers to get themselves informed by doing research ahead of time.

Visiting an official site such as the U.S. Department Of State to see if there are any travel warnings is a good example of some preparation.

is Jordan safe for travel - Jerash Roman Ruins

While we had limited contact with the people of Jordan, those that we met in our three days there were genuine and welcoming.

Tourism is one of the top contributors to the Jordanian economy, so naturally, the general people and those running the country work hard to preserve a good reputation.

Sadly, the issues that the surrounding countries face has affected how Westerners (and other travelers) view this region.

Going to Jordan - Wadi Rum Desert

From our experience traveling to Jordan and spending time there, we can tell you that it was an eye opening trip.

The people there are just like anywhere else. They have friends, families, goals, and ambitions. They value family and love. They value friendships and connections.

They have a rich culture and a country full of historical treasures that they love to share with visitors.

is travel to Jordan safe - Jordanian People
Our hiking guide was curious about my GoPro and how I was able to use my phone to take the photo.

You can also find some friendly folks that will answer your questions about their culture and religion honestly so you can get a real local perspective.

Our guide was very open with us and allowed us to ask our burning questions and shared her thoughts and opinions with us and having this one on one conversation gave us some additional insight and understanding that enhanced our visit.

It would be a shame for anyone to miss experiencing this very enriching place due to unjustified assumptions or fears.

Going to Jordan and visiting its incredible attractions should be on every traveler’s bucket list.

It truly deserves tourism and is working hard to show a positive image of itself amidst the difficulty that the region poses.

Here are some resources to make planning your trips easier:

Here’s Why Petra Is Worth Visiting
  1. Mariza Avatar

    I’ve heard so much about Jordan from friends and family who have visited there; your pictures prove that it really is a magical place to explore. Thanks for sharing these great safety and handy travel tips, I hope to use them one day!

    1. Taiss Nowrouzi Avatar
      Taiss Nowrouzi

      Thank you!

  2. Ricci - When In My Journeys Avatar
    Ricci – When In My Journeys

    As much as I wanted to do it on my own, I think that it would really be wise to book tours with an agency when going to Jordan especially if it’s a first time.

    1. Taiss Nowrouzi Avatar
      Taiss Nowrouzi

      Yes, it helps because you don’t have to think about every aspect of your trip and you can just enjoy it!

  3. Wanderlust Vegans Avatar
    Wanderlust Vegans

    Good advice on visiting Petra. It is one of those places I have wanted to visit for a long time. After seeing the Indiana Jones movie I’ve wanted to go there. It’s good to hear you felt safe there.

  4. Bruce Schinkel Avatar
    Bruce Schinkel

    Amazing trip, and definitely one I want to take very soon! Thanks for that tip about traveling the border between Jordan and Israel (or avoiding it!)

  5. Anna Avatar

    I haven’t been to Petra but definitely use your tips when I’m heading there. Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Taiss Nowrouzi Avatar
      Taiss Nowrouzi

      thank you! It’s a spectacular place to visit!

  6. Tom Avatar


    I loved Jordan as well and also never felt unsafe. Even better, I sensed some sort of social control that even felt more safe than most European cities. Although, I don’t know the numbers..

    One fact check. Petra isn’t one of the 7 wonders in de world but it is one of the New7wonders of the world. Big difference because of the original 7 only 1 still exists ;)

    1. Taiss Nowrouzi Avatar
      Taiss Nowrouzi

      Ahh Thanks for that clarification! That makes sense!

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