Visiting Alpharetta, GA on a Budget – Things To Do

Alpharetta, Georgia, is a beautiful, vibrant city worth visiting. Even if you're traveling on a budget, you can still make the most of your visit to this city. 

Hit up a Happy Hour

Alpharetta is known for its restaurants and is a great place for foodies to come and enjoy all types of cuisines. Unfortunately, if you're on a budget, many of these restaurants skew toward the pricier side. With over 200 restaurants, however, you can find some great happy hours to try the food, beer, and hand-crafted cocktails at a discount. Just check the website of some of the top restaurants, and you will find a time many of them are offering happy hour. 

Alpharetta GA Budget Things To Do

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Experience the Alpharetta History Walk

Head to the Alpharetta Welcome Center and pick up a free brochure for the Alpharetta History Walk. The history walk will take you through 22 historical markers that demonstrate the industries that built Alpharetta's economy. You will also see some of the historic homes and buildings as well as the location of the Old Milton Courthouse. Everything noted on the walk is identified by historical markers, so you can learn and experience the historical significance of these buildings that make Alpharetta so unique. 

Walk Through Mansell House and Gardens

The Mansell House and Gardens are on the History Walk, but this home deserves some time all on its own. The home was built in 1912 in a Queen Anne Style. The Alpharetta & Old Milton County Historical Society is housed in the Mansell House, and tours are offered by appointment. By touring the home, you will get a sense of what life was like in Milton County in the early 20th century and learn more about the history of the city and area. 

Try out Geocaching

Geocaching is an outdoor activity that uses your cellphone's GPS to lead you on a treasure hunt. Alpharetta participates in this experience. Just head to the website and put in Alpharetta's zip code, and you will get to explore the city while hunting for different treasures around the town. If you plan ahead, you can book an affordable hotel in the zip code that has the most options for this activity to make it accessible and easy. It's a fun, affordable experience everyone in the family will love. 

Alpharetta Georgia Things To Do on a budget

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Do Some Window Shopping

If you're traveling on a budget, it likely means you don't have a lot of extra cash for shopping. With its dynamic shopping experiences, Alpharetta is just the place to do some window shopping. The city has five shopping districts that include everything from small boutiques to big-name chains. Check out the American Girl Boutique and Bistro or visit cute specialty stores like Honey and Hazel. You may also want to stroll through the Alpharetta Flower Market. You don't have to spend a lot of money shopping to enjoy the experience. 

Alpharetta GA Things To Do on a budget

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There are lots of activities to enjoy in Alpharetta, even if you're on a budget. You just have to know where to look!

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