Top Must See Beautiful Places In Spain

Spain is like one big ornamental treat in the shape of peninsula. Along with Italy and France, it belongs to the triumvirate of the European countries that have redefined the concept of architectural beauty and tradition that blends with the staggering natural landscapes. In many ways, these countries are the cultural cradles of the Western world, and a trip through Spain is like flipping through the sumptuous catalogue of history. With that in mind, here are some beautiful places in Spain you simply have to see with your own eyes.

most beautiful places in Spain - Sevilla
must see places in Spain - Barcelona, Sagrada Familia

At least for a single day in your lifetime, you have to see Barcelona; just… all of it, as much as you can. The mixture of modern and medieval architecture that mixes predominantly warm tones under the Catalan sun is a heart-warming, eye-popping marvel to behold. It is nigh-impossible to single out a specific locale you have to visit since every nook and cranny looks like a lovingly crafted piece of a fantasy realm of the biggest escapist that ever lived.

Gawk at the intricate architectural genius of Gaudi’s La Sagrada Familia Cathedral, and walk through his legendary park, which looks like a movie set of a fairytale adaptation. Don’t even think about leaving without a stroll through the medieval Gothic Quarter and enjoying a decadent meal in one of La Rambla avenue’s many restaurants.

If you have a few days, there are some spectacular sights to check out in Barcelona. On a four day itinerary, you can certainly go to places that a local would recommend as well as the typical tourist places.

Santiago de Compostela

prettiest places in Spain - Santiago de Compostela

Santiago de Compostela is a historical monument in shape of a city. This ancient urbanity in the northwest corner of Spain is renowned around the world as the final destination of El Camino de Santiago – aka Saint James’ Way, the religious pilgrimage that has been a part of this country’s tradition for a millennium. The Romanesque-Gothic cathedral stands tall at the very center of the town, and boasts a truly haunting and gorgeous outline. Just make sure to visit this town over summer months as the region is plagued by cold-weather and frequent downpours over the remainder of the year.

Madrid - Beautiful Capital Of Spain

most beautiful places in Spain - Madrid

Of course, if you are a newcomer to the Iberian Peninsula, visiting the capital of Spain is a rite of passage you cannot skip. Madrid is an enormous city, so if you can by any chance pick one of amazing guided Spain packages, you can embark on a vibrant adventure through this truly cosmopolitan city. Apart from the lavishing historical buildings, monuments and parks, you simply have to experience Madrid’s hectic nightlife that is renowned around the world. You definitely need at least three nights unleashed on the town to savor a bit of everything the midnight fiesta has to offer until the early hours of the morning. A night at Teatro Kapital and a day in the Prado Museum is just what you need to feel as if you were riding the wave of zeitgeist.

Ordesa y Monte Perdido

prettiest places in Spain - Ordesa y Monte Perdido

The national park situated in the heart of the Pyrenees of Huesca province is an epic landscape that looks like something that has spilled out from the pages of Tolkien’s Middle Earth books. The central selling point of Ordesa y Monte Perdido is a positively enormous valley that spreads out into infinity, and which had been formed by glaciers in ancient times. The topographical wonder that was left behind is one of the most stunning sites you will possibly witness in your life. It truly does not get the media coverage it deserves. The rock formations and the biome that’s settled into the valley is a transcendent attack on all senses. All in all, Pyrenees is an incredible range of mountains that offers a lifetime of pleasures for nature lovers and avid hikers, so you simply won’t make a mistake by visiting any corner of this part of Europe.

Balearic Islands - Must Visit Beautiful Places In Spain

must see places in Spain - Balearic Islands

A visit to Spain has to include a small tropical adventure with the Mediterranean aftertaste. Balearic Islands lie just off the coast of Valencia, in the Mediterranean Sea. Ibiza and Majorca are known around the world as the premier summer locations, but this assortment of islands also offers a lot of private stretches for those of you who are in the mood for a calm, aquatic escapade. The bucolic port towns and rustic surroundings are picture-perfect, and the shallows are absolutely gorgeous in the heat of the summer.

most beautiful places in Spain - Arch in Barcelona, Catalonia

Spain is an enormous country that still looks like an opulent treasury of historical grandeur and natural splendor. One can easily get lost among the gaudy buildings, legendary monuments, and the Mediterranean wonders. However, there is a flipside to this affluence if you are a mere visitor – you can hardly savor everything this incredible country has to offer. This is why, unfortunately, you have to prioritize certain beautiful places over the others, but Spain will hardly disappear into thin air, and this can only be the first visit of many in the years to come.

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All of the places look so amazing. Great suggestions…I like the blend of city, nature, and islands.'
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    Thank you! There’s something for everyone to enjoy on there visit!

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